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Thread: Mixamp driver not installing/ has driver problems

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    Default Mixamp driver not installing/ has driver problems

    When I plug my MixAmp tot he computer through the USB port, the driver doesn't install correctly. I have tried plugging it into different USB ports. I have also installed the latest Firmware. When I use just my A40's and the splitter, the mic works just fine. However, the mic will not work when I use the MixAmp, A40's and splitter together.

    I didn't get the MixAmp or headset recently. I've been using them since Christmas. This recently happened while I got home from a vacation. I didn't leave the MixAmp on.

    Also, it doesn't display the Astro options in playback/recording devices with the MixAmp in.

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    Hi Hitsugiya,

    If the driver for the MixAmp Pro is not installing, it could be a conflict on your computer or an issue with your Windows installation. Could you try disconnecting your computer from the internet and connecting the MixAmp Pro to a different USB port on your computer, this should force Windows to install the driver locally instead of searching Windows Updates which might be the cause of the issue.

    - Mitchell

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