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Thread: Tag help and a question about copyrights...

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    Default Tag help and a question about copyrights...

    First, I know Im asking others to take THEIR time to help me, but if you guys dont mind helping me with some tags that would be great. I know how to photoshop, but I dont have proper software available all the time and im not the best at it either. Im going for something asian and with my gamer tag(blacktiger826) developed into it hence the black tiger in the first photo.
    1. I was hoping for one of the standard tags to be something like this BUT(IMPORTANT) in this picture the chinese is in the wrong order. The top word (Hu-tiger) should be below the other word(hei-black).
    If it could also be more...interesting of a tiger that would be great. Keeping it "eastern and asian" but more complex. I want to keep the chinese symblos though, just in the right order(flipped from what they are in that picture)
    maybe something like this but more...asian

    2. and another standard tag to be this sword or any katana
    added into the center of a background like this but invert the colors to lighter(grey/white-the dragons could be whatever looks best with the sword)

    3. The mic tag not sure. whatever you want to do that keeps with the theme.

    To conclude the first part of the post, I apologise if it comes off as demanding. I by no means expect you to do this for me, but if anyone in the community wishes to help, fantastic! Even if you only want to do one tag thats perfect too.

    SECOND PART OF POST(the question)
    If I use pictures that I see online(google images), MODIFY them, and use them, will they be blocked by your team? I have a friend who is an artist who can do homemade ones, but she has a busy school schedule, and I dont want to ask if I dont have to(shes one of the people who would feel bad if she didnt help and would take important time to do it anyway)

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    You'll need to check that the authors of the images either have an open creative license (so anyone can use their work) or that you get permission from the artists to use their work. Usually if you let them know that you're not trying to make money off their designs then they'll be cool with it

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