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Thread: Astro A40(2013) Microphone quality + Mixamp Pro issues. PC/X360 setup?

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    Default Astro A40(2013) Microphone quality + Mixamp Pro issues. PC/X360 setup?

    While I was in a skype call earlier my friends told me I sounded horrible, I recorded it compared it to a few other headsets I had, and I'm kind of disappointed to spend $250 on something that doesn't sound superb. Using a different headset with the mixamp absolutely kills the microphone sound as seen in the video.

    Video here:

    Is this normal? I'm really tempted to return them.
    My other question was regarding connecting the system to PC/Xbox 360 simultaneously this was the whole point of wanting the mixamp, honestly. Can I do this?
    Whenever I have the mixamp connected via USB to my PC It only uses that, and completely ignores the Optical connection, I can hear it picking up my Xbox's sound for a brief second but then it cuts off into PC sound only.
    I tried connecting the optical cable to my PC also and no luck there, I have onboard audio on my motherboard via the Realtek ALC892.
    If I take my PC out of the picture and power the mixamp via my Xbox it works fine, unfortunately that's not how I wanted to use this.

    Does anyone have any advice?

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    Hey dude, I was having a similar problem on my pair.
    I updated the firmware which helped the sound issue. I suggest you do that and then post your result....Personally I have always like astros and am going to buy a pair of a40s for myself(using a friends) but I am disapointed that these problems are in the item. I mean.....its not a new product, its an update to an existing product. If anything I expected improvement not problems. That said, try that fix and post what happens.

    Also, you should be able to use xbox and pc

    In those recordings it sounds like a mix amp thing to me.

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    I guess I should have made a note of that, updating the firmware is the first thing I did when I plugged it in
    I'm on MA3 Version 1.2 – 11/28/2012 – 3198

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    Quote Originally Posted by igloo77055 View Post
    I guess I should have made a note of that, updating the firmware is the first thing I did when I plugged it in
    I'm on MA3 Version 1.2 – 11/28/2012 – 3198
    I see what you are saying about the mixamp. Even with the astros it seems to fade in and out. I would recommend you call skullcandy(the parent company) from what I hear, they have much better support. Im not familiar using the cable in dual format. Do you use the USB cord they supply for the xbox?

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    I went ahead and returned them, I didn't want something that wasn't ready for prime time when I'm paying $250 for the whole set.
    I was using the USB cable to my computer, optical audio coming from the Xbox.

    At any rate, I bought the Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D USB ($81+ on Amazon) and it's pretty much the exact thing as the mixamp, you can use any Analog headset with it and it works with PC/Mac/PS3/X360.
    What I wanted to do was get two audio sources at the same time, my PC and Xbox, and this does the job, unfortunately using the mic on both at the same time doesn't seem possible, when I connect the Xbox cat cable it stops sending my microphone to my pc, and only sends it to the Xbox.

    Anyways just thought I'd share my results and alternative to Astro's Mixamp Pro since it doesn't seem like it's quite ready for prime time

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    Hi igloo77055,

    Sorry to hear you have returned your MixAmp Pro. I hope you will give us another chance in the future and please let us know if we can of any assistance.

    - Mitchell

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    The audio fading in and out is a direct issue that is linked to the noise gate setting within the mixamp. It comes default on an extremely high setting that cannot be adjusted yet...

    You see Astro? People are returning your items. The noise gate firmware really needs to be published sooner rather than later.

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