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Thread: How do I start the refund process?

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    Default How do I start the refund process?

    Title says it all, I've done every troubleshooting technique in this thread twice for my A40s. Please point me in the right direction to send these and the mix amp back.

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    You are going to have to go to to submit a support ticket to start the process

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    Right, I just made another support ticket for the refund. However I still have my last ticket open since December 27, 2012 that is still waiting to be answered. Can you bump my new support case up so that it will be answered?

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    Hi Wheresthesupport,

    Firstly, I would suggest to check your spam/junk folders to verify that nothing has landed in there. If there is nothing, please post both of your support tickets on this thread and I will mark them for review.

    - Mitchell

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