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Thread: A50 Windows 7 Home Premium Setup Help

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    Default A50 Windows 7 Home Premium Setup Help


    Could someone please show me the steps in setting up the Astro A50 with Windows 7 Home Premium.


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    Connect a Optical cable from your sound card to the mixamp (you might need this cable like I did), and plug the USB cable from your computer to Mixamp. Win 7 should recognized the Mixamp after you turn it on. Check to make sure the sound card you're using supports Dolby Digital Live. If no, then you unfortunately need a different card. If yes, then turn it on in your sound cards hardware and/or software settings. In your windows control panel's sound settings, select your "Speakers" as your default device and your "Mixamp" as your default communications device. Right click on your speakers, configure them to 5.1 (not 7.1) and then hit "test". You should hear 5 directional prompts plus a subwoofer hit.

    You're good to go!

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    Yeah it works now. Thanks!!!

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