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Thread: 2013 A40 Wireless?

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    Default 2013 A40 Wireless?

    So... I want a cool looking headset that I can use as a surround sound gaming headset, AND as comfy over-ear headphones when I travel/work. Before I settle for the wired 2013 A40's, I want to get some suggestions/opinions from this community.

    Also worth noting, I usually sit 10 feet from my TV and come from a line of Wireless Turtle Beach Headsets, so I'm used to no wires.

    Plan A: I buy the headset only from Astro (I want a new pair.) Then I track down a MixAmp 5.8 on craigslist or ebay (seems impossibru.)

    Plan B: I think my last wireless transmitter from Turtle Beach was 5.8ghz, so I MIGHT be able to sync the transmitter to the MixAmp 5.8 RX. Any thoughts on this possibility?

    Plan C: Wait until the A50's have a removable Mic AND have a 3.5mm jack.. or wait until a next gen wireless MixAmp.

    Plan D: Anyone know of another company with a removable Mic and 3.5mm jack?

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    Hi aRocketBear,

    The MixAmp 5.8 has been discontinued and the A50 Wireless Headset has now taken it's place as an all in one headset. Regarding Plan B, you will not be able to pair our MixAmp 5.8 RX with another transmitter from third-parties.

    Please let us know if we can assist in answering any other questions.

    - Mitchell

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    Thanks for the quick response, good to know about the third party transmitters.

    Plan A actually became a success. MixAmp 5.8 found and ordered, now to order some A40's from you guys.

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