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Thread: 2PotHeadz : New to Astro - Gaming channel

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    Cool 2PotHeadz : New to Astro - Gaming channel

    Heya guys, 2 potheadz bringing gaming to you. we love astro so we thought we would be apart of the community here cheers

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    Cool 2 PotHeadz : Minecraft intro, Earlyyy diamonds ?? :D Enjoy

    Heya guys jamie showing me the ropes on Minecraft

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    Default 2 PotHeadz : Slender... OMG funny Ending :D

    Us playing Slender the eight pages, was fun =] ending was funny as hell

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    Cool 2 PotHeadz :HoN Replay RT Episode .6 We need replays

    Heya guys, Heroes of Newerth Episode 6 here, Enjoy
    We also need some replays so sned your epic and fail clips in this thread.
    Thanks for all the support and make sure you stay tuned in

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    Why would you play HoN when Dota 2 is out?

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