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Thread: ASTRO A50 - Charging

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    Default ASTRO A50 - Charging


    I got my ASTRO's a few days ago. I was not charging them to the full, but started gaming with them!
    Is it very important to charge it full the first time, or does it not matter?
    Btw. i think the headset is very nice, and i love them!


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    Probably doesn't matter, batteries aren't like that usually anymore. Do you know how long a full charge takes?

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    Hi KristianSun and Jaashua,

    Charging takes around 1-2 hours depending on how much life is left in the battery.

    Regarding the charging, you shouldn't experience any problems if you don't fully charge the headset the first time you use it other than it might run out of power quite quickly if there isn't much power left in the battery.

    - Mitchell

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