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Thread: Astro A40 & A50 support for Wii U

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    Mitchell, If I were to get a pair of A40's for the Wii-U, could I get a pair that comes with out the mixamp? Would I need to get a pair designed for the XBOX, PS3 or PC?

    Thanks, Craig

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    any new news for the wii u ? I went and got the 2.5 to 3.5 headset jack , plugged my receiver and still no audio.
    Switched the sound (monster hunter 3 U) to the wii u pad but never got any sound. Plugged my generic xbox chat headset into the wiiu pad and it worked fine. This is killing me not being able to use this headset on the wii u..

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    Is also killing me i really want to use this awesome headset on the wii u!! I have not tried this method of 2.5 to 3.5 because i have seen a variety of results, some say it works but then others say it doesn't!! Im confused and tired of searching for a solution!!! I love my A40s

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