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Thread: A50 Mic buzz

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    Question A50 Mic buzz

    I bought a pair of A50s a few days ago and have noticed a pretty annoying buzzing noise when using Ventrilo. Every time the Mic is active the buzz starts in the right ear, which wouldn't be too bad if the Mic wasn't so damn sensitive that it picks up every mouse click and keystroke.

    Any ideas on what I could do to fix the problem? I've played around with the usual suspects (Mic boost, etc) but nothing helps.

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    Make sure that you are using the latest firmawre version available for the A50s:

    You also might try connecting the TxD unit to a different USB port, and resyncing the A50 with the TxD by holding down both power buttons simultaneously for several seconds.

    You should also be able to adjust mic input volumes in both your PC's audio settings and Ventrillo's mic settings

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    I have the same exact problem, please fix this issue. Nothing I've tried, updates or troubleshooting has worked. The headset is clearly flawed (the whole series in fact)

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    Hi jonathan1107,

    Writing in threads from 2012 is not going to help resolve your issue in anyway. As I don't exactly know what is causing the issue with your equipment, I would suggest contacting our support team through where we can troubleshoot, pinpoint the issue and resolve it for you.

    - Mitchell

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