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Thread: Good info to have in the manual...

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    Default Good info to have in the manual...

    Thanks Mitchell - Would never have guess counter clockwise...I was way off in my count. Would
    be good information to have out there in the manual.

    (Top Left) 1. Pro – ASTRO’s pro gaming mode, created with our pro teams and players to provide the best sound profile for competitive gaming, accentuating details like footsteps and respawns in an immersive surround sound experience.

    (Top Right) 2. Core – Hear your games just as the developer’s intended with no extra processing or balancing.

    (Bottom Right) 3. Media – Best for watching movies or listening to music, accentuating vocals and bass.

    (Bottom Left) 4. Sports – Put yourself in the stadium, whether playing sports games or watching sporting event on TV.

    *The EQ modes go in a counter clockwise position so top left would be one and then the other follow around the circle.

    - Janet

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    Hey Mitchell -

    I just want to clarify...Did you mean clockwise? Because what you have outlined doesn't reflect counter clockwise.

    We may want to clarify this for others also.

    All the BEST,

    You're correct. I meant clockwise, not counterclockwise

    Sorry for any confusion caused.

    - Mitchell
    - j

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