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Thread: Astro A50 Mixamp & other prepurchase questions

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    Default Astro A50 Mixamp & other prepurchase questions

    Hello all,

    I decided to go with Astro A50 despite the fact that I have to import it to Istanbul. I want to buy once, and I want to do it right (since I'll get next to zero support here).

    The mixamp thing is throwing me off. From what I understand, it is necessary for hooking up multiple headphones to the same sound source? Is it? Does it have any other purpose? Why isn't it included in the accessory options in the main A50 purchase page as a suggestion?

    Other than the mixamp, do you have any advice for a solid A50 purchase that won't need convenient accessories? Like, I plan to get the play and charge cable and the carrying case. Any other such recommendation?

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    You would not need to purchase the Mixamp Pro if you went with the A50 as the MixAmp is built into the A50 itself!

    Other than the case and play and charge cable you listed, there wouldn't be anything else to add to your order. The a50s would come with everything you'd need to connect to your gaming system

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