I just recently purchased the Astro A40s, and they're working wonderfully, but I ran into an issue when I attempted to record dual commentaries using fraps on my PC.

When I record with fraps, it records the game audio perfectly fine, but the other players(and my own voice) aren't being recorded. I do not use Astro's mic to communicate, I use an Audio Technica AT2020 USB Mic to Communicate.

My current audio mixer settings are as follows:
- Realtek Digital Output(optical) - Default Device.
- Astro Gaming USB MixAmp - Default Communications Device

- ASTRO Gaming USB MixAmp - Default Device.
- 2-AT2020 USB - Default Communications Device

For my own audio I've been using Audacity to record myself, but I have a few Dual commentaries coming up and i'd like to figure this out :/