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Thread: A50 PC Connection Help

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    Default A50 PC Connection Help

    I just recieved my A50 yesterday and I am confused on how to hook it up to my PC. When I hook up the transmitter to my PC do I have to connect bothh the Toslink and USB cable or can I connect the USB separately by using an adapter to connect it directly to an outlet just like the iphone charging cables? I know the Toslink cable is for Audio, so what is the USB cable to PC for? Is it just for power or does it control the mic?

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    Hi Pinoy.

    The TOSLINK Optical Cable is for 7.1 Surround Sound from your computer, the USB Cable connects to power the transmitter and also enable the microphone for your games and programs.

    - Mitchell

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    Thanks I thought that was the case, I just needed confirmation.


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