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Thread: Buying A40's from CANADA. Shipping?

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    Default Buying A40's from CANADA. Shipping?

    So recently I've become very interested in Astro's gaming headsets. After using Turtlebeach headsets for the past several years I decided it was time to take my gaming to the next level.

    I noticed Astro gaming sold the headset on eBay.

    I did some research on shipping and have noticed a few posts that raised some red flags. Others have claimed shipping charges upwards of 75$.

    Im curious because this is an order through Shipping quote is claimed to be 10.74$.

    Is there going to be any surprise charges if I go ahead and purchase this headset?

    Thanks in advance, I've done some research myself but turned up nothing.

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    Hi Im_Jay_Kay,

    We do have a Canadian Retailer called Proper Reserve who offers cheap shipping for the products. You can find their ASTRO Gaming Store by clicking here.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    - Mitchell

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