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Thread: Can you get sposored?

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    Default Can you get sposored?

    If you can or cant get sponsored, how and where would i get more information on that

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    Q: How do I get sponsored by you guys?
    A: We don't give direct sponsorships to any teams or individuals.

    Instead, we offer accommodation rates on our products to all contracted MLG professionals. If you are already a contracted pro, contact the MLG for your discount code if you'd like to start using the A40 Audio System. In 2009, all MLG Pro Circuit Xbox 360 gaming stations will be pre-populated with an ASTRO Pro Rack (and four fully-connected A40 MixAmps with TOSlink digital audio) -- all you'll need to do is connect the A40 Headset for full team voice connectivity and Dolby Headphone game surround.

    Please sign up for email updates and newsletter if you'd like to know about and additional pro deals we'll have in the coming year. Our newsletter is also where you'll learn about MLG related news.

    Q: Who do you currently sponsor?
    A: We don't sponsor gaming teams or individuals.

    No, really... we don't sponsor gaming teams or individuals. Instead, we partner with top pro teams to help us beta test and prove out new products and prototypes. This ensures that our product development dollars are focused on bringing the highest quality, best designed products to every gamer--not just a select few.

    Over the past few years we have worked with some of the best MLG pro teams like Str8 Rippin', Carbon, Legendz and Nice Like Rice during the 2006 and 2007 gaming seasons with prototype gear.

    After a brief hiatus in 2007, the MLG honored the ASTRO A40 Audio System by making it the official audio gear of the Pro Circuit for the 2008 and 2009 seasons. During the last three tournament stops in '08, the A40 Audio System was used by all of the top three finishers in each of the Halo 3, Rainbow Six:Vegas, and Gears of War tournaments. In '09, the A40 Audio System was used by almost all of the top teams for each game within the MLG throughout the season.

    We will continue to test new products in the future with selected professionals.

    If you are Interested in being an ASTRO beta tester, and meet ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA, then we'd be very interested in talking to you:

    1) are local to the Bay Area (or at least California)
    2) are currently ranked in the top 3 within their prospective games at live tournaments (not online). (I.E. we are not very interested if you are ranked #517th on the GameBattles ladder).
    3) have several top 3 finishes at *live* events
    4) can speak and interact well with adults and the media (designers and engineers on our team, interviewers, and reporters)
    5) can write clearly (without egregious punctuation and grammar errors).
    6) are 18+ and willing/able to sign a non-disclosure agreement
    7) are able to handle themselves professionally (well-regarded within the community -- *NO* drugs, alcohol, fighting, etc. at events)

    If you don't meet all of the above, well... don't call us, we'll call you.

    Q: What is your relationship with Major League Gaming (MLG)?
    A: The MLG was nice enough to allow teams to test out our prototype systems during live play during the 2006 and 2007 Pro Circuit Championship seasons. The response amongst the testers was awesome (in addition to our teams taking several top 3 finishes with beta units).

    ASTRO Gaming has been providing Major League Gaming equipment for the Pro Circuit since the beginning of the 2008 season. The A40 Audio System is the official headset of the MLG, and players can purchase a special MLG edition of the A40 Audio System complete with custom MLG Speaker Tags, in addition to special limited run Speaker Tags at each live event location.

    In addition to the wearable hardware, each gaming station at MLG events will have an ASTRO Pro Rack that will be pre-populated with four MixAmps. A40 Audio System owners need only sit down and plug in their A40 Headsets in order to be fully connected with Dolby Digital game sound and high-quality, zero latency voice chat.

    Q: Our company would love to partner with ASTRO and have our [awesome gaming-related intellectual property] created. We have a big bag of money just sitting here. Who should we contact?
    A: Drop us a line at: (sorry, but if your name is Uwe Boll we can't help you).

    Q: I run a private tournament and would love to use ASTRO Gaming equipment -- what is the process for getting ASTRO gear for my event?
    A: We might be able to help you -- largely based on product availability. Contact us at:
    the short answer is no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Sangheili I shot in the face

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    well theres an old saying.... if you have to ask, your deffinetly not good enough to have been approached already

    either way, no you cant and no they dont

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