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Thread: Astro a30 Problem and Question

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    Question Astro a30 Problem and Question

    Hello everyone,

    I just recievied my astro a30s in the mail today. I enjoy the sound, but there is a pretty major problem that is a deal breaker. My head is big and I have to pull them out to the last knotch to get them just snug. I think for the money I need to get something that has a little more room to maneuver.

    My first question is, Do the a40s have the same head capacity, or are they much larger in the ability to pull them out?

    And lastly, Do I have 15 days to tell astro about my return and exchange, or do they have to have it by the 15th day? And where to I contact them?

    Thank you very much if you can answer any of these.

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    Ya know, I never thought I had a big head, but my A40s tell me otherwise. =P They're not quite to the end (fully extended) but it's close. Of course maybe it's just that my ears are further down from the top point of my head?

    In any case, I don't think with the headphone/cups fully extended, that it makes any difference in comfort or durability.

    For the returns, I would suggest working with the Support Team as soon as you can for any return. While I don't believe it needs to get back to ASTRO within 15 days, you would need to be in contact with them to setup the RMA.

    -ASTRO Warblade

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    Yeah, its not only that they are fully extended, but that I have to give em a tug to pull the ear pieces all the way down to my ears. Which pushes in that cusion on the top and puts pressure on your head.

    Thanks for the help

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