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Thread: Pending Shipment...

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    Mourloz Guest

    Default Pending Shipment...

    Good evening,

    Five days passed from the day ordered. Anyone else experienced this from Read about similar cases but I do not know whether they are in US or Europe.

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    Hmm. I have heard of this saying pending shipmet forever and it still shows up. Have you got a tracking number?

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    Mourloz Guest


    Nope. The only delivery method available for delivery was standard shipping. I do not even know if I will ever get a tracking number.....

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    Hi Mourloz.

    From what I believe, the France website is ran and stocked in France just like the UK Website is stocked in the UK. Sometimes, due to a website delay you'll find you will receive the package before it actually spits out a tracking number or even shows as shipped. If you have any problems, just contact the support team at

    - Mitchell

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