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You just lost a customer

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by Zanena, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Zanena

    Zanena ASTRO Private

    I've been using Astro products for years, I'm a proud owner of Astro a50 gen1 and A40 gen 2, but I cannot say the same for the latest version of the A50. It is supposed to be a top level product considering its price, but only the price is top tier; features, hardware quality and support are far from that.

    Firstly the mic is a huge downgrade from the previous gens, this is obvious to anyone who owns them and has owned older models since the first thing he will be told when joining discord/teamspeak will be: "are these your new headphones? they sound much worse", Astro being a professional company said: "Nope there was no downgrade (even tho mic's MHz tell otherwise), it's all in your head.

    Feature wise it has something more than previous gens, but its below market's standard even for mid tier headphones

    The support is probably the worst, SW updates are scarce, last software update was more than 1 year ago, back in 2017 I asked them if it was possible to add a toggle box to disable gyroscope, you know for when you want to lay on your bed and listed to some music with your 300$ headphones, that's what I was told:

    "It is something that has been passed on to our team, so they are aware of the feature request already."

    Almost 2 years later, this option is still not in the software and no major updates were released for almost 2 years.

    Meanwhile I bought another gaming headset, won't say which one, but it's in the same price range as the A50's and it has:
    Better software;
    Removable batteries;
    Better mic;
    Can go to the garden and still be in range (with A50 in the kitchen i almost lose signal);
    Can listen to music on bed;
    Bluetooth support, so I can use them with my phone and PC at the same time, or even when I'm away from home.

    The only feature I love from A50s, which kept me hostage, is the Voice/game channel support and these new headphones have that too. There is nothing that justifies A50's pricetag, it's unfortunate but as a long time customer I don't feel anymore Astro's products are as good as they were, they haven't innovated in years but still charge a shitton of money for mediocre headphones. Sound quality may still be one of the best, but nowadays a gaming headset is more than just that

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