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Why can you only charge the A50 gen 3 when you want to use it?

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by The Being, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. The Being

    The Being ASTRO Private

    First don't let the title get you, i am not good with titles i will ask kinda the same question later in the text.

    So how to begin? So last friday (17-11-2017) i bought a A50 Gen 3 from this website after a friend recommended astro and i must say that i like the Headset. I like the cushions, I like that the headset does not squeeze your head like some of the others do. I like how the build quality feels, it doesn't feels bad at all. and it looks pretty cool too, but what i love the most is that its wireless, damn i am still trying to forget that there is no wire.

    But there is no light without darkness, so let's take the grey ones first.
    First the size adjustment it's a bit wired, well it's really hard to describe what is wrong with it so let's jump to the next.
    The Charging hole thing what's wrong with that you might ask? and i will tell you what i think could be better and that is that it's doesn't really fit that well and if the headset does not sit more or less perfect in it will not charge until you get it just right and that is really annoying to do nearly every time, like 7-8 out of 10 times.

    So now let's travel to the darkside.
    See there is a thing i have not mentioned yet by name and that is the Base Station, and then some might ask what is so bad with that? and I will reply "everything" except the idea, Because the idea is great and really cool.
    But the way it's used is so F-word bad that i wonder who is the idiot who totally ruined a great idea?
    First of all you can't charge your headset EASILY when your pc is off which is the only time the headset is idle to be charge at least in my case. So that means every time i want to use it it has to charge first and that takes a few hours.
    Second you can't just take THE ONE usb cable that comes with the headset and plug that into your pc and the other end into the headset to at least charge it while you use it. NO you can not do that. Why i don't know, all that i do know is that the Base station is needed when its wireless yes astro i get that, BUT why do i NEED it if the headset is plugged into the pc directly? and there is even a software so why is there no such option for a 300 usd headset? Seriously why?
    oh that right i totally forgot IT COST 300 USD for me that's a lot of money for a headset you can more or less only charge while you are using it which you actually can't since there is only that ONE usb cable. So for 300 USD i can buy 3 of the same headsets that is rated really high compared to other headset of course it's not wireless and to me its looks kinda ugly right now (No i will not mention what headset it is because i don't advertise for anything so you have to look that up yourself). but still it's in some way better than the astro A50 gen 3 as it stands right now.
    And don't get me wrong i want to make my astro headset to charge when my pc is off and i have used more or less 100 USD more just to get some cables so i can TRY to get i to work but right now i does not look that bright in all the darkness. And every day there goes i regretting more and more that i ever bought the Astro A50 gen 3.

    Unfortunately for me i don't know if i even can get my money back if the things i wanna try doesn't work since i made a stupid mistake and not create an account before i bought and since astro dont reply back on the Order status option unless it take between 1 week to a 100 years then i am still in the waiting game i guess. So that is why i write in here so that i hopefully can get astros attention.
    oh what i mean with that i might never get my money back is that i got no confirmation or
    invoice in a email because that was not needed to buy it something i first saw after i payed. All i had was the website that you get to right after you payed online, i even saved that in my bookmarks but the website is down now so i got no invoice or confirmation email.

    So yeah that is why i am so annoyed, angry and sad that i have wasted so much time and money for a headset that is worth at maximum 150 USD and not a penny more not as it stands right now.

    So hopefully they will fix the (i am sorry to say) stupid design flaws in the base station that ruins everything about this headset.

    English is not my main language so i apologise for any mistakes
    And of course this is just my view of the things. The designs may have been great in the beginning but for me it feels terrible stupid in practice.
    and again 300 USD is a lot of money to pay for what you get and i hope that.

    oh my headset i near fully charged now so now i can hopefully play something!
    and one last thing to the Astro Designers if you want some ideas to fix some of the thing that I find really poor just ask.

    The Being
  2. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey The Being,

    To answer some of your questions.

    1) If your PC does not power the USB ports when it is switched off, then there is not much we can do to handle this. The A50 Base Station requires power to charge the headset, and if you are unable to supply it, then we can not magically make it appear. Some UEFI options will allow you to switch this on. Otherwise, you will need to find another USB source to charge the headset directly. If you own a USB charger which can supply 5V and at least 500mA, then you can use a Micro-USB cable to charge the headset overnight.

    2) If you connect a USB cable from the A50 Wireless Headset to the A50 Base Station or your computer, the headset will charge while you game. You will always require the A50 Base Station to be present because it is the sound card which processes the audio for your headset to receive. Without it, the headset has no ability to playback audio.

    I hope this covers most of your questions. If there are some remaining or you have any other questions or feedback in regards to these answers, please let me know.

    - Mitch
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  3. caradoc

    caradoc ASTRO Private

    ...or plug the base into a USB hub that isn't switched. Any devices plugged into that hub will receive power but no data when the host computer is switched off.

    (This still doesn't do anything for the fact that Astro won't do anything about an A50 with a battery that won't hold a charge but offer to sell you a new headset at full price.)
  4. mumbojumbo

    mumbojumbo ASTRO Private

    when not in use just use a usb charge block like for your cell phone. Or use a USB cable to charge while wearing them. Your complaint blows my mind.
  5. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey, caradoc,

    We do not recommend using a USB hub as it shares bandwidth between the other devices which could affect the operation of the A50 Base Station.

    - Mitch
  6. Eric Boulton

    Eric Boulton ASTRO Private

    "Being" has a VERY GOOD point that you are missing.
    1. I do not know any PCs that have power to the USB when it is turned off.
    2. You should know since you work for Astro that you CAN NOT charge the headset with a USB charger as you do your cell phone. If you had tried this (as I have), you will discover that the headset needs the communication with the PC turned on to communicate with it to charge. This is a screwy design flaw you should know about instead of being condescending.
    3. Your other option of plugging in the headset while using it requires the purchase of a much longer cord than the short one supplied with the headset. IT ALSO DEFEETS THE PURPOSE OF HAVING A WIRELESS HEADSET!!
    4. The headset comes with very little information in the one sheet "manual", so it is a pain to find all the information to use it and then get the wrong information from you!

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