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Updates for October 2018

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by ASTRO Vertigo, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hello users of the Custom EQ presets!

    It's been a difficult year to make updates to the ASTRO forums due to the amount of traffic that we've been having, but behind the scenes, we've been working on some updates to make it easier to navigate the forums and share your custom EQ presets. I just wanted to provide a quick update on what you can expect as we've had some feedback through private messages. If you do have any further feedback that you think we can implement, please let us know below!

    1) We will finally be implementing a new theme which will be cleaner, lighter, and easier to read. It will also have a fixed aspect ratio for users of smartphones and 21:9 ultra-widescreen displays meaning posts will no longer span the entire screen and instead will be fixed to a specific width allowing you to create your post and know it will be seen the same way between everyone.

    2) We know the current forum is named wrong and is starting to get cluttered so we will be splitting it into three separate sections for the A20 Wireless Headset, MixAmp Pro TR, and A50 Wireless and Base Station.

    We require a smooth transition to happen, so this is our plan going forward.

    October 2018
    - The new sections will go live, and this existing section will be renamed and locked. A sticky will be provided letting you know the timeframe of when it be hidden to the public giving you plenty of time to move any threads over to the new sections or update your threads with new links to your new threads.

    October / November 2018
    - We will be hiding the legacy preset section to the public. We have found that popular presets have been created which have been linked to from Reddit, Battlefield, Xbox, and PlayStation and we do not want to delete these links. Instead, we will be keeping the legacy preset forum hidden and locked until January 2019 until we figure out a way to run an automatic forward on the links to the new threads.

    3) Spam. This happens every few years where our current filter requires updating, and I have been working on some updates to counter current spam. Once the new theme is live, you may notice a small increase in spam posts, but over the month, these should decrease until there is no spam on the forum.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we provide to help you post amazing presets :)

    - Mitch
  2. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    Very good news! Thank you so much for your organizational work on this, Mitch. I'm personally looking forward to the new layout and categorized sections.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
  3. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    I have a thread that has a updated version of a preset i have but its in moderation how long does it take?
  4. arthur klucznik

    arthur klucznik ASTRO Private

    We are half way through October. Any eta for the new forum?
  5. arthur klucznik

    arthur klucznik ASTRO Private

    Im loving the new forum. Well done. Sarcasm aside, this is typical Astro: lot of talk, little action.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
  6. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    Stop the goddamn Spam !
    Daredevil792 likes this.
  7. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    Please these spam are flooding my inbox! they gone for now but this needs to stop.
  8. arthur klucznik

    arthur klucznik ASTRO Private

    New year but no new forum, still full of spam, empty promises and no updates. What’s going on @ASTRO Vertigo?
    Coorslt likes this.
  9. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey arthur klucznik and others,

    Some delays happened but we're almost ready to launch.

    I'm currently changing some back end stuff which is why we're encountering a little more spam but you should notice it start to decrease over time. Once we fix that, then we'll launch the new theme and the adjustments for the EQ presets. Promise.

    - Mitch
  10. CAYDE

    CAYDE ASTRO Private

    is the update rolling out?

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