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Suggestion for A50 gen 4 or A60

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Filip Garpendal, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Filip Garpendal

    Filip Garpendal ASTRO Private


    Just want to give my input on what the next gen wireless headset should have in my opinion.

    1. More color options. I would buy the one for PC/Xbox but I hate the color. I don't have a PS4 but the color option is so much better. Why can't we have a option for both of them that is more neutral in color like Black or maybe even White.

    2. USB C charging cable. Not because it's better but for the ease of use. You can plug in the cable so much easier.

    3. The mic hidden when folded in, like on the Logitechs G933 (You are now the same company so maybe you can copy that function without getting in any trouble ) ;)

    4. Dolby ATMOS. It's better than any other virtual surround in my opinion. I know it already possible but maybe it can be even better if you design from the start :)

    5. Someway to connect your phone to the headset. It could be Bluetooth but just as well you could a 3.5mm connector on the base station. Only reason I want this is so I don't miss any calls. Somehow I always get a call when I'm away from keyboard and I don't hear the phone because I have music on.

    6. Active Noise Cancelling. Would be great for LAN Partys :)

    7. Not important but if there is room for more suggestions maybe a wireless charging for a phone when you are using the headset. For example you have the wireless charging primarily for the headphone when docked but when you are using the headphones you can charge any Qi device instead.

    I know there have been many more suggestions, I would just love it if one (But hopefully all) suggestions where implanted in the next gen Wireless Headset.

    Keep up the good job and thanks for providing us with truly great gaming headsets.

  2. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Filip Garpendal,

    Some great suggestions.

    1) This is something we have looked into but is more difficult to achieve for the A50 Wireless Headset. That being said, we do hear you, and we are looking into this like with our GEN1 and GEN2 series of products.

    2) We always try and use the latest USB standard or what suits our products best. I'm sure we will see USB Type-C one day.

    4) I think Dolby Atmos for Headphones is going to be the standard for the future. We do test all headphone surround technology and tune it and then determine what is best to use with our headsets. So far, up to the A50 Wireless and Base Station release, we have found that Dolby Headphone still provides the best headset surround technology for what we want to deliver.

    5) The A50 Wireless and Base Station have a 3.5mm port already for listening to audio from your smartphone and using the microphone to answer a call. Let us know if you need any help with setting this up.

    - Mitch
  3. ApocSiK

    ApocSiK ASTRO Private

    I've been wanting a pair of Astros for a couple years now, waiting for wireless technology to get better ever since I first tried my buddy's A40s on, But I really wanted wireless because I didn't want any cords in my way and felt the technology and wirleess fetures were not there yet....

    I believe Filip Garpendal made some great points.. But it seems Astro is starting to fall behind and not care.. Maybe being bought out by Logitech messed with their Ego a bit I'm not sure...

    I read what Mitch said on a few threads on this forum it seems that they will make what ever ASTRO wants to make based of off of sales or money first... NOT what people want, or better yet what Astro fans WANT.. you guys are afraid to push boundaries...

    When you look at Steel series artic pro wireless headphones. They seem to be leading the way with a bit more in specs and fetures... Why does another company like Astro sit back and say putting out (JUST GOOD) headphones is ok?.. or from what Mitch has said in other posts ( Astro has had no reason to come out with a GEN4 a50s? They are already good... But after reading what all your fans that have bought your expensive top of the line headphones say is they want a better mic, a few more better upgrades to what theyt already have since they feel it is not good enough from what I've read on here.

    Mitch you response is something I have a problem with.

    As a company you should be keeping up with your rivals or coming close for good reasons. But you seem to respond to reasons why YOU GUYS AT ASTRO felt it wasn't necessary for these features when your fans and soon to be customers want these things. They want the best from Astro, one of the best gaming headphone companies.. Soo why not??!

    Only reason I didn't buy steelseries artic pro wireless headphones was not over the price but because they didn't fully support Xbox one.

    Some of the things I would love to see and would gladly pay $300-$400 for if it had everything I wanted in a headphone.

    (1) Dolby ATMOS. Yes plain Dolby is good but with games just starting to come with Dolby ATMOS in them why not lead the way?? Make sure they are compatible more features with Dolby or something. Why let another company do it first? What the hell Astro?

    (2) maybe a microphone upgrade/better quality or more features with the mic from what I've read on this forum people do want.
    Noise cancelling would be great

    (3) if Bluetooth with mess with the over headphone interference then by all means keep the 3.5 jack.
    Other wise get rid of it or use it in other ways. My issue with the jack is phones are not all coming with a 3.5 jack anymore so again why let other companys like Steel series do it first?? Have Bluetooth built-in.

    I just can't stand the jack on the phone when it wears out or the plug does and stops having a good connection so Everytime the phone is moved it falls out or gets all static from a crap connection.

    (4) frequency response
    You said before no reason to change this when I've read articles humans can pick up lower frequencies than 20hz. This is from a medical artical
    "The highest frequency that a normal middle-aged adult can hear is only 12-14 hz" they say we can still pick up on slightly lower, and younger people have better hearing and response than adults do. When I had my hearing test done I was able to pick up on 10hz.
    This is something other company's are having with their headphones.. obviously they think it's a good enough reason to have those specs.

    I want to be able to pick up the slightest sound in anygame or music I'm listening to especially when my headphones cost $300 plus dollars.

    (5) A phone App so we can change settings on the fly or profiles for certain games? Also with built in Bluetooth this would help.

    Don't get me wrong.
    Astro does make a good pair of headphones I just feel you could do better.. You guys are just not leading the way in specs even IF it's just bragging rights.. I just think you guys need to put out a headphone worthy of the Astro name.

    Hopefully Mitch, You can see my frustration with Astro. I'll be the first one to buy Gen 4, A50s or A60s if you guys listen to your fans and do some nicer upgrades and specs.
  4. Zak Srdanovich

    Zak Srdanovich ASTRO Private

    Okay so here is what i think the gen four or A-60’s need

    1. A color option for full matte black, matte with black silver where the metal is, and white where the geen/ blue is. Definitely on Xbox tho, the green is horrible and there is no way to Change it. It would be amazing to have a customizable feature in the shop, so that you can buy the metals, and plasticwhatever color you want.

    2. 3.5mm out on the headphones, and Bluetooth 5 on the base station so that it can be paired to your smartphone

    3. Xbox one/ ps4/ pc/ Mac/ switch/ version so that the same headset can be used with all of the conoatable devices.

    4. Something like, or better than razer hyper sense to compete.
    I like razer hypersense because it makes everything feel more real, but I hate razer a quality and how long they last, and I think that astro could make a better version. It’s suppose to feel like your actually shooting a gun which makes sense, because when you shoot a gun, you can feel vibrations on you face if the gun is big enough.

    5. More customization In general.
  5. dualshift

    dualshift ASTRO Private

    Backwards compatibility with the A50 gen3 basestations.., unless you are going to completely overhaul the wireless tech for the better.

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