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Repair without Warranty

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Kyo7763, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Kyo7763

    Kyo7763 ASTRO Private

    Recently, my Astro headset lost sound in its left speaker. Now, I'm not exactly sure what has caused this considering the headset is in perfect physical condition, and the right headset works flawlessly, but my guess is that the wire running down that connects to the 4-pole or PC connector is loose in some way, shape, or form.

    So, because I had this problem I decided to contact Astro support and I have come across a bump in the road!

    Because I bought this headset pre-owned I was not able to provide any invoice # of the original purchase and the warranty that came with it. On top of that, I was not able to get into contact with the one who sold me the headset so they could give the information to the Astro agent.

    Now, I'm not here to complain about not being able to be under warranty because I got pretty cheated when it came down to invoice # and getting that warranty. Chances are the headset was already out of its one year warranty and I was not even aware at this time that such a good headset could break. ( I was enjoying them too much..)

    However, because I had no way to get into contact and reserve another year of extended warranty I feel like I sort of got tricked when I bough the headset. This is not to blame Astro, or even the seller for, but myself, because I was unaware of the benefits Astro offered.

    The point I'm trying to get across is, there is absolutely no way for me to get a headset that I paid $300 for regardless if it was to the 3rd party seller or not, because the money still had a transaction with Astro Gaming, and they still got the money for the headset that is now in my hands one way or another.

    I'm attempting to find anyway to get the headset fixed even though I know I'm not under warranty but the Agent has had slow responses to my last email. I have even offered to pay up to half of the original new headset's cost, $100. However, I honestly cannot buy a new headset because of the fact that I'm going to college soon.

    Mentally, I keep relating this to buying a computer. If you buy a new computer you can pay for a warranty at a cheaper price for a time that it is insured, and able to be fixed for 'free'. However, if you do not pay the warranty the offer to get the computer is still there, however, at a larger cost because you did not take advantage of the warranty offered.

    So, I feel like I should be able to get my headset fixed, even if I have to pay that $100(hopefully less...) for a single repair, and a warranty after(?).

    Any help with my issue would be great, and I really hope that I don't end up stuck with an amazing headset that I love so much sitting in a corner because one wire is slightly loose, or whatever the problem may be.

    I thank you for reading all of this and any support is greatly appreciated!
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2010
  2. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    i do think astro should charge a repair fee for people who have lost their invoice or have purchased a headset and havent gotten the name changed over
  3. Kyo7763

    Kyo7763 ASTRO Private

    I mean, I don't really want to sound desperate, but without these for almost 3 weeks now I'm kinda getting depressed that they're just sitting there being useless when I've paid my money. I just wish I could get them fixed :(
  4. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    try sending a pm to stan or warblade and see if they have any suggestions
  5. unseenbeing

    unseenbeing ASTRO Private

    this would really make a get option for those who have had there astros for more than a year
    the only thing is the time going into repairs would be a while to find fix and send
  6. Kyo7763

    Kyo7763 ASTRO Private

    Honestly, I don't even care about the time required for them to be fixed, it's not like I'm using it now :(. I'd just like to know that I have help there for me even at my own expense :)
  7. Warbladex

    Warbladex ASTRO Alumni

    I'll try to check in to see what these costs and timelines are like. With the currently small staff of the Support Team, they're swamped with just regular support work that I'm sure adding on repairs for those out of warranty would be even harder for them to do.

    -ASTRO Warblade
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  8. Kyo7763

    Kyo7763 ASTRO Private

    Thanks for checking in Warblade any help is appreciated at this point! I look forward to a promising response. If, however, they are too overwhelmed with work then I really don't know what I'll do :(, continue to wait I suppose.
  9. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    hopefully it works out for you. i know the people at astro are pretty good to their users. so i really cant see them just saying no we dont want to fix thease or have you pay to have them fixed or anything like that.
  10. Kyo7763

    Kyo7763 ASTRO Private

    Just wanted to drop an update here for those that had followed the thread a little. I have received some help from the guys at Astro and my headsets are being sent in today for repair!

    I cannot thank them enough for their amazing support and customer care. I've been telling so many people about this through online gaming and they thought I was joking at first.
    Big shout out to everyone who helped me on this problem and hopefully my loved headsets come back as good as new!

    Thanks Astro, unbelievable support! :D
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  11. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    weeeeeee! astro ftw!
  12. dleague23

    dleague23 ASTRO Private

    im really glad astro helped u out man! that does suck about ur headset! hope everythings fine!:D
  13. cp1233

    cp1233 Guest


    I am in the same boat as you. I've purchased these from a friend and don't have the invoice # or the warranty information. I do have the original box they came in and all the misc. cablesm etc.

    I love the headphones but the left speaker went out. I don't mind spending money to get these cans repaired as they are hands down the best headset I've had in 10+ years of gaming.

    What process did you take to get these repaired through Astro? I couldn't find a 3rd party repair service and the Astro email (online) support doesn't respond to you if you can't provide an invoice # and warranty information.

    You can PM me on the forums here with advice. Thanks!
  14. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    dead thread..... spambot!!! someone remove
  15. Cuauhtblanco

    Cuauhtblanco Guest

    Astros Mixamp help

    Hi, I was wondering what is it that I need to do I have a similar scenario as the person who posted this blog. I purchased this headset from someone. The headset was in awsome condition. Like New, I never had problems with it until one day I wanted to use it, the mixamp turns on but only for like 5 secs, then it turns back off. Any suggestions, I mean I haven't message Atros support team. I would appreciate any feedback or if someone can help me get it repair.
  16. Byronfest

    Byronfest ASTRO Private

    The mixamp has a feature to auto shut off if there is no cable plugged into the headset port. So make sure you have done that first before making any hasty decisions.

    Edit: Not sure if this guy is a bot or not. Meh whatever.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2010
  17. kaka23

    kaka23 ASTRO Private

    thats good they are working with you to fix your a30's
  18. dboyes94

    dboyes94 ASTRO Private

    Last hope with a decent company

    This post is the last hope I have of getting this problem fixed. I have been been racking my brains and spending the last few days panicking due to my headset developing a commonly reported fault of a left ear up buzz when receiving low frequency sounds, I'm from the Uk, my Astros were purchased in an Argos store in Kent by my Dad as a gift. I loved them instantly, hands down the best headset I had used yet. My Dad kept the receipt and didn't think anything of it. 21 weeks later a fault develops, I look into it and yes I'm covered by my one year warranty astro give that we had paid for as part of the purchase. After 21 weeks of no problems though, my Dad didn't think to hold onto the receipt. Naturally 100 percent our fault. I've had a great headset so far and a company decent enough to recognise when spending that much money, they'll give you a years warranty on top. Trouble is, working in retail, I realise how many companies will be willing to help you without a receipt. Not many! Which is fair enough, again my fault alone, can't help but hope though so contacted astro, my support contact gave me all the troubleshooting steps which I followed and we narrowed it down to a fault with the headset or inline mute cable. I explain my situation and any help stops, the support contact was adamant that without receipt nothing can be done, regardless of this being a manufacturers fault or the one year warranty I'm very much still under. (21 weeks so far)

    Now as I said, this is expected, no receipt is normally a no brainer. I've turned my house upside down twice now rather than pay the 200 pound bill a second time for a brilliant headset but one that developed an internal fault and I should still be covered for. I'm bringing up bank statements checking emails, even contacting old friends who worked at the store but none of that is helping.
    Then I found this post.

    If there's is any chance that the same people who helped with this original users post could just take a look into my situation, I'm not expecting instant solutions just because you helped someone else but this post has shown how helpful this companies customer services can be, it seems like my last chance all because we stupidly didn't hold onto a receipt after all this time. Any replies or help would be HUGELY appreciated.
    Thanks again.
  19. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hi dboyes94,

    Unfortunately if our support team won't offer an out of warranty repair then it's not something I am able to change simply because it's their policy which they must abide by. There are certain reasons why we can and cannot offer this service but mainly it's down to the cost which might equal as much as a replacement from our online store. This would overall be a better offer for you as it would be a brand new unit which comes with a one year warranty. Because you also from the UK/Europe, this one year warranty would automatically become two years as standard.

    Without a receipt or invoice from the store you purchased from, your equipment carries no warranty as we can't verify when it was purchased and when the warranty would end. It is unfortunate and I do hate seeing people in this situation but it's not something I am able to assist with.

    If you did want to try replacing the A40 Inline Mute Cable, we do sell replacements through our website at www.astrogaming.co.uk for a small cost.

    - Mitchell
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    agen poker ASTRO Private

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