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Rainbow Six Siege: A50 Wireless plus Base Station EQ setup ...

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by The London Fella, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. The London Fella

    The London Fella ASTRO Private

    Been at this for God knows how long.

    Finally dragged my iMac into my living room to adjust in real time, whilst connected to my PS4 Pro via optical.

    I've tested on Rainbow Six Siege (which I know many have been asking for) and MWR.

    My new A50s are now sounding crisp, clear, rich, natural and (most importantly) accurate. On top of this, I HAVE ELIMINATED THE DREADED REVERB SOUND!!

    I already returned one pair of A50s, then tried Sony's Platinum Headset: Believe me, they sound like tin cans!! It was then that I realised how rich these new A50s sounded, but I just had to tinker to get them sounding how I want them.

    Been testing in R6S in Situations, and I can literally toss a FlashBang into a room and hear exactly where it has landed/exploded. MWR also sounds extremely natural, and accurate.

    Anyway, here's where I'm at:

    Advanced Settings:

    Bandwidth: ALL at 3.0.

    90Hz : 0

    406 Hz : -7

    783Hz: 0

    4001Hz: +7

    7001Hz: +7

    I'd love to know what you think?

    Would welcome any constructive feedback, and would like to know which games you have tested with.

    If you make any adjustments to this setup, please do share.

    Enjoy ...
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  2. J_B

    J_B ASTRO Private

    could you post a screen shot or post the file
  3. _r123

    _r123 ASTRO Private

    Thanks for the preset. How well do you think it will work on other headsets? I have a Sennheiser Game One...I'm not sure how presets made for one headset translate to others.
  4. The London Fella

    The London Fella ASTRO Private

    It will vary.

    I have actually tried this preset on two different pairs of A50 Gen 3s, and one sounded better than the other.

    I would suggest using this preset as a starting point, then adjusting from there.
  5. kin

    kin ASTRO Private

    what preset settings should i change to be able to hear footsteps better? I tried your settings out and they sound decent for me however I still cannot hear footsteps loudly enough and the gun sounds are a little too loud. Im on xbox btw
  6. The London Fella

    The London Fella ASTRO Private

    Set the last 2 sliders to max (top), and all of the rest to minimum (bottom).

    Bandwidth at 3.0 across the board.
  7. ILLUME404

    ILLUME404 ASTRO Private

    Ill give this a try tonight, is this A50 gen 3 with the Mod kit or without. If without any suggestions for Heavy mode? @The London Fella
  8. Renzo

    Renzo ASTRO Private

    been looking for presets that work with both MWR and R6...... Thanks for posting this up, ill give this a try and let you know what i think
  9. Sohail

    Sohail ASTRO Private

    Did you give it a try yet? Please do reply as I might try this setting too. I need to hear footsteps better in Siege!
  10. A50 SW Battlefront

    A50 SW Battlefront ASTRO Private

    I have to say this has become my favourite preset, you’ve done a great job, thank you for that!. On some occasions I still use Beastmode or Tripple Wreck, but for most maps in Star Wars Battlefront this is really the best preset.

    In my epic search for the best „Headset“ I’ve finally or better hopefully found the best possible setup! After countless tests with wireless models I came to the conclusion, that only a cabled version can provide the best possible sound. As you know, in between I settled for Turtle Beach’s DSS2 with a Sennheiser HD598, but the missing sidetone got me back to Astro. Unfortunately an open design Headset/-phone, such as the HD598, is not ideal with Astro’s Mixamp, so I switched to Beyerdynamic’s MMX 300, because I wanted a fixed mic for convenience! The MMX 300 with its closed design really plays well with Astro’s Mixamp Pro TR and it's probably the best sound you can get. Also the mic quality is really great. It also almost eliminates the so often criticised metallic reverb. On some occasions I think the soundstage could be better and maybe the DSS2 with Sennheiser HD598 has a little advantage in this area, but the perfect and convenient controls on Mixamp are unbeatable.

    There are a few headsets I didn’t try, Audio Technica for example, but the top models are open design and in my opinion Mixamp Pro TR is not designed for this type of headset. Although if anyone finds a better headset, please let me know.):

    Another critical issue I came across several times is the chat echo on Xbox as well as PS4. You can not only eliminate this issue, but really improve chat and game sound by following these directions:


    This works for A50 as well as Mixamp Pro TR.
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  11. Johnd

    Johnd ASTRO Private

    I would like to say thank you The London Fella for these setting for R6S. I will be giving these setting a try and I will post what I think about them when I play.
    Also The London Fella can you or how can you make adjustments to your setting when you play? Please let me know as I would like to try different setting for some of the other games I have such as NHL16.
  12. VindictivexKilla

    VindictivexKilla ASTRO Private

    Are all of you guys doing this with the ASTRO preset? Im using Gen 3 A50's.
  13. Grey Shadow

    Grey Shadow ASTRO Private

    Thanks man! I put this into my headset I'll test it soon :)
  14. HolyElite

    HolyElite ASTRO Private

    I'm using the A40's. Would this still work?
  15. A50 SW Battlefront

    A50 SW Battlefront ASTRO Private

    If you have the Mixamp Pro TR with your A40, of course!
  16. Prepetit

    Prepetit ASTRO Private

    Please help me out with your pre-said that you have put will that work for rainbow six I want to fix them so I can hear footsteps much better don’t really care about the gun battles
  17. Prepetit

    Prepetit ASTRO Private

    If I use those preset will you make me hear much better in rainbow six game and I want to hear footsteps I do Have Astor a 50 Wireless
  18. Prepetit

    Prepetit ASTRO Private

    Also do you have a YouTube video W very helpful
  19. Prepetit

    Prepetit ASTRO Private

    Hey Did Those Your Northfield very Good Did You Hear . Much Better
  20. Prepetit

    Prepetit ASTRO Private

    Hey did you try the three said that he told you about will work for you

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