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PS4 vs XB1 A40 TR mixamp

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by Jeremy England, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Jeremy England

    Jeremy England ASTRO Private

    Whats the difference between these two mixamps for the upcoming a40 tr headset? What would be preventing me from using one mixamp with the opposite console. I have an astro headset from a few years ago but the mixamp allows me to use the headset on any console, however i feel it necessary for me to upgrade my headset this year and these look pretty sweet.
  2. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Jeremy England,

    The difference is how the MixAmp Pro TR handles the voice chat. The Xbox One/PC version has a special compatibility chip inside which allows it to work with the Xbox One for voice chat just by using the USB cable although if you connected it to a PS4, it wouldn't show up because it requires "Xbox drivers" which the PS4 or PS3 can't use. Because of this, we have had to make a separate MixAmp Pro TR which works like our current one and the USB cable will work on anything that can use a generic playback and recording device such as the PS4 and PS3 and any future consoles which support the same functionality.

    So the MixAmp Pro TR Xbox One/PC works on the Xbox One and PC. The MixAmp Pro TR PS4/PC works on the PS4, PS3 and PC. You could use either MixAmp Pro TR on either console although if you want the full voice chat experience, you have to use the correct one. My only recommendation if you use both consoles is to purchase the A40 and MixAmp Pro TR in your favourite colour and then purchase the other MixAmp Pro TR as a standalone.

    - Mitch
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  3. One_Liter

    One_Liter ASTRO Specialist

    Why not just get the A50 GEN2?
  4. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey One_Liter,

    Some people like our A40 Headset because it's a little more versatile such as allowing you to connect the A40 Headset to your smartphone to listen to audio or using the stream output on the MixAmp Pro to capture all of your audio for livestreaming. Plus our A40 and MixAmp Pro is tournament legal due to being a wired headset while our A50 Wireless Headset is not as is designed for home usage only.

    - Mitch
  5. Evolved

    Evolved ASTRO Private

    So if I have a ps4 and a X1 I would need two separate mix amps in order to use the headset on both systems? That rules out the TR for me.
  6. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Evolved,

    You could use either one to hear game audio but for the voice audio, you would need the specific MixAmp Pro TR for that console.

    - Mitch
  7. EuropeanBro

    EuropeanBro ASTRO Private

    So in order to use it on both of my systems I need to buy another damn expensive MixAmp.. Astro I like your products and I don't mind spending a little money on good equipment, but getting two MixAmps which is probably going to cost me about 150,- euro's seems a little dumb
  8. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey EuropeanBro,

    We completely understand although most people wanted the controller cable removed and this was the only way to do it. If you require something that works on all your systems, our previous MixAmp Pro GEN2 would be a great product but you would lose out on all the new features. We can only apologise for the slight inconvenience.

    - Mitch
  9. WhiteHartMart

    WhiteHartMart ASTRO Private

    Having to buy 2 Mixamp TRs seems very excessive which is a shame - as is the colour set up - any chance a black Mixamp TR for the Xbox will arrive in the future. Having a lounge AV set up full of black equipment - including the 2 games consoles these are designed for, a white mixamp will stand out like a sore thumb - picky I know, but some of us have to have family (ok...wife) approval for our gaming equipment :p
  10. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey WhiteHartMart,

    From what I have been told, the colour of the MixAmp Pro TR's will not change. It will be Black for the PS4 and White for the Xbox One to help differentiate them easier.

    - Mitch
  11. travismkent

    travismkent ASTRO Private

    Is there any sound quality differences between the Gen2 and the TR's? I value immersive sound above all else.
  12. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey travismkent,

    Because everything is now digital, you should notice a slight improvement and also the EQ presets can now be customized allowing that further personal tuning and audio preference.

    - Mitch
  13. Insidi0us1

    Insidi0us1 ASTRO Private

    Well that's disappointing. I noticed there were two versions of the new MixAmp TR and wondered the difference as well. Sad to hear they are now console specific. I think if removing the gamepad/headset port was a priority, it should have also come with making sure that the device was universal between the 2 consoles. Even if it meant a delay in product it would be a better solution. No way I'm paying for 2 of these. While I'm sure pro gamers will want these for their console of choice, the main feature (the ability to adjust the various input volumes and EQ) was obviously designed with game streamers in mind. And with the unit now being console specific, it just made the task more complex with having to buy and connect two of them, configure two of them, then either buy another pair of headphones or swap between 2 amps depending on the system being streamed. What SHOULD have been done is make console specific models that don't have all the cool features and bundle them with the new A40 headphones (like what was done with the A40 and M80 adapter bundle), and also make one that's universal with all the cool features and make it available for purchase separately. Or make it into a special bundle with the new A40s.

    As a Twitch stream, thanks but no thanks. Guess I'm sticking with my old A40s until a better solution arrives. If you guys make them universal let me know.
  14. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Insidi0us1,

    The Xbox One version of the MixAmp Pro TR has a special compatibility chip which stops it showing up on the PS4 and PS3 for voice chat and vice versa with the PS4 version just like our current MixAmp Pro GEN2 which won't show up on an Xbox One without the compatibility chip. There is no way of getting around this even if we delayed the product for many years and this was a decision made because of the feedback from the community who wanted the controller cable removed and to also make the product fully digital. For many people who own two consoles, the only option would be to purchase the A40 and MixAmp Pro TR in your preferred colour and then purchase a standalone MixAmp Pro TR for the other console. We understand this is going to be frustrating for some people and allowing them to use any wired ASTRO headset is our only solution to make it easier as we don't want to force you to purchase another A40TR Headset if you just want the additional MixAmp.

    - Mitch
  15. SOVTH

    SOVTH ASTRO Private

    You should be able to still use it with multiple consoles. Especially if you have it in PC mode. Even if you got the Xbox One version, You can plug a 3.5 into the PS4 controller and the other end into the AUX. It has been stated that you can use the AUX for phone calls. Shouldnt be any different with using controllers plugged into the AUX.
  16. VigilantRESOLVE

    VigilantRESOLVE ASTRO Private

    Will the X1 TR's ever come in black?
  17. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey VigilantRESOLVE,

    Not at launch and not in the near future. The MixAmp Pro TR for the Xbox One will be white to help colour differentiate the products as they look identical apart from the colour. If you would like a black headset, it will be possible at launch to purchase the two standalone so you would own a MixAmp in white and the headset in black.

    - Mitch
  18. finza11

    finza11 ASTRO Private

    could you not buy the PS4 astro tr and use the Xbox chat cable and headset adapter to use voice chat ??
  19. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey finza11,

    There is no controller port on the MixAmp Pro TR so you must use the USB cable for voice chat.

    - Mitch
  20. JIMMEH

    JIMMEH ASTRO Private

    If i was to buy the PS4 A40 tr would I be able to use the Ag1 cable to use it on my Xbox One, or does that still come down to the different chip set in each Mixamp pro tr's.

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