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Please use USB-C on the C40

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by NewType, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. NewType

    NewType ASTRO Private

    i was searching for a controller with back paddles and the only reason i am not using Elite controller anymore simply because the wright of it, it is 382g!
    i was interested in the C40 and everything looks fine except it is using Micro USB! Please Astro it is 2019 now and a Micro USB on a 200 dollars + controller? Please consider using USB-C on the C40, it will be a instant buy for me if you guys actually do that
  2. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey NewType,

    Firstly, the C40 TR Controller is a PS4 controller only (also compatible with the PC) at this time and will not be compatible with the Xbox One. I say this because you mentioned the Xbox One Elite Controller unless you have been using this on the PS4 through unauthorised methods.

    Secondly, we put a lot of time and effort into researching and developing our products and over two years went into the C40 TR Controller. We decided to stay with the Micro-USB port because it offers everything we need and better compatibility with the system. Also, it's easier to get your hands on a Micro-USB cable at a LAN tournament over a USB Type-C should you need a spare. I'm sure we will see USB Type-C come to our future products as it's destined to be the standard, but for now, the Micro-USB port is the best solution for everything we and the user will need.

    - Mitch

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