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Please help me decide: astro a20 or astro a50?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Kyle321, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Kyle321

    Kyle321 ASTRO Private

    Im not sure if I want to get the astro a50 or the astro a20. Which has better sound? People say the astro a10 has better sound than astro a50 so im thinking the astro a50 has better sound than the a20s?. Im pretty sure the astro a50s with the leather ear cups are more comfortable than the a20s? But then i hear people have problems with the a50s which worries me. I hope they fixed them all. I care most about sound and comfort. Whats your opinion? People say the a20 headband is uncomfortable.
  2. Bombsquad07

    Bombsquad07 ASTRO Private

    Wife bought me A20 for Christmas and is uncomfortable. I bought A40 and tried mod kit but will most likely return because not comfy either. I’m not sure about A50.

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