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Creation (PC, PS4, XBOX) ZaliaS Collection [UPDATED - 11/MAY/18]

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by ThatZaliaSGuy, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. TheSkullKnight7

    TheSkullKnight7 ASTRO Private

    I just got given the razer kraken tournament edition should I use that or stick with the astro a40?
  2. TheSkullKnight7

    TheSkullKnight7 ASTRO Private

    Edit: trying the Kraken's they are garbage so I changed them for the cloud alpha's what eq eq would you recomend for them?
  3. Dingaling

    Dingaling ASTRO Private

    Hey All,

    Is it worth getting the A40 TR Mod Kit?

    Thank you in advance
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  4. Kroezk

    Kroezk ASTRO Private

    i use the mixamp pro tr with the hyper x cloud alpha, and i use the omnivox or the arcturus with dollby on, but recently i used the fusion fps extreme 5.15 from daredevil and its really good, check it bro.
  5. TheSkullKnight7

    TheSkullKnight7 ASTRO Private

    I tried a bunch of presets and I find that your suggestions worked the best thanks
  6. TheSkullKnight7

    TheSkullKnight7 ASTRO Private

    Edit: on further testing its now either between Metalix Oculus and Zalia Z Arcturus
  7. Technllcs

    Technllcs ASTRO Private

    I enjoy the TR ModKit a lot especially for late night gaming, the sound completely stays in your ears (noise canceling headset), there’s no bleeding through like when your using the default Astro a40 ear cushions
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  8. Steeisner

    Steeisner ASTRO Private

    I really want to try these settings but cant download the link for some reason :(
  9. Technllcs

    Technllcs ASTRO Private

    Had that problem before on mobile had to clear my safari data and it worked
  10. Technllcs

    Technllcs ASTRO Private

    Which one you trying to use?
  11. BigHampDTX

    BigHampDTX ASTRO Private

    So I have a question ... you said to remove the "Ear Tags" for more space for sound ... What are the ear tags that you are speaking of ? Sorry if that is a stupid question ... And also thank you for serving our country , respect ...
  12. Chrichmeister

    Chrichmeister ASTRO Private

    How are people finding Pureaudio? I like me a little bass but not had chance to load this up and try it as of yet for music and movies?

    The ear tags are the removable plates on either side of the headset.

    The Mod Kit provides a seal to turn the headset, into a closed back, I guess removing it could help increase space for sound however there does appear to to be a space for air to pass through anyway. Can't hurt though I'll try it myself and see if it makes any difference.
  13. Chrichmeister

    Chrichmeister ASTRO Private

    Loaded up pureaudio tonight, I love it. My go to for both music and movies now as I like that extra little base and it sounds great from trialling both types of media.

    Going to remove Incendiary and pull in the Dystrilation preset try and train my ears to what audio should sound like.

    Going to spend a little time reading up your material about making our own presets, I’ve become addicted to my mixamp and the EQ’s already.
  14. Sliceofpizza

    Sliceofpizza ASTRO Private

    to me the same thing happens to me friend, another doubt that I have as you use your a40, with modkit or predetermined, I would greatly appreciate your opinion, greetings
  15. Rehab808

    Rehab808 ASTRO Private

    quick question, really enjoy the tournament 1 sounds but is there a way to boost the chat audio as the sounds are a little overwhelming at times and it overpowers the balance. Even with the mixamp, it seems to keep the chat audio fairly soft. TYIA
  16. Technllcs

    Technllcs ASTRO Private

    You will have to move the small knob towards the headphones to make the chat sound better
  17. KyleT_47

    KyleT_47 ASTRO Private

    So idk if my ears are broken but with the sound whore one I hear gunshots and surroundings wayyyyy louder than the footsteps
  18. Zeerium

    Zeerium ASTRO Private

    Tournament 1 or 2 for Seige?
  19. Craveitox

    Craveitox ASTRO Private

    I'm french player on Xbox one x, and my english is so bad...
    Sorry but, I try many sound mode you have proposed (tournament 1-2 ; fps mode, r6s and pubg) but none walk correctly.
    My problem is that I don’t hear the sounds from afar..
    It's possible to help me for ou settings ?
    I have A40 with mixam pro
    Thank's for your time
  20. Technllcs

    Technllcs ASTRO Private

    I would say you try both out, for instance I prefer Tournament 2 for fortnite and Tournament 1 for Call of duty
    In the end it’s all users preference

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