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Creation (PC, PS4, XBOX) ZaliaS Collection [UPDATED - 11/MAY/18]

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by ThatZaliaSGuy, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. daskyll

    daskyll ASTRO Private

    V2 you mean Tournament I v2 or II? Which?
  2. Technllcs

    Technllcs ASTRO Private

    Tournament I v2
  3. oDiE

    oDiE ASTRO Private

    Hello again,

    I could need a hand again :)

    I currently switched my main sound setup from the A40tr/mixamptr to a Beyerdynamic MMX300 2nd Gen. plugged into the new Sound BlasterX AE-5 internal soundcard. Still using the Astros on my Xbox tho.

    Anyhow, the MMX300 feels great with the SBX AE-5 and I want to setup the SBX EQ same as or at least as close as possible to the Tournament II settings, but am struggling since I have problems converting the Astro EQ values to the SBX EQ values which uses the common scale from 31 to 16kHz. Could you please tell me the dB values for each Hz fitting the T2 settings? Thanks a mil!
  4. HITMAN—1

    HITMAN—1 ASTRO Private

  5. LegendColin

    LegendColin ASTRO Private

    I've had Astros for years but never changed the settings, just been using default. But today I found this out and switched to the tournament II for Fortnite. It seems worse than the default for me.. am I doing something wrong? I have downloaded the file and copied it to command center, and have it on the correct preset. In fortnite it seems that I ALWAYS have the problem where the game volume is too loud or the chat volume is too loud. Not had this problem in halo or cod just fortnite. Is there any sweetspot to hear my teammates and game perfectly?
  6. Harrison Smith

    Harrison Smith ASTRO Private

    Hey Zalias. I’m hoping you will make a preset for b04. Specifically blackout. Keep us updated!
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  7. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    Try using my exact settings i posted on Fusion 5.0 thread ( i posted pics ) see if that works for you ! I use these settings and it is the best ive ever had in my life and i tried out many presets and ps4 settings. Just give it a shot and see for yourself mate. Just make sure to take pictures or so of your settings you have right now before changing anything so you can easily switch back. Im using the astro a40 tr with mixamp pro btw. But it will still work with the a50 !
  8. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    Would absolutely love to create one, but as the description states, I'm currently deployed overseas with the U.S. Army, and won't be back to working on this collection until Q1 2019 when I'm back stateside.
  9. Juanse2809

    Juanse2809 ASTRO Private

    Sure I also have the same question. If Master Zaliaz sees this, please answer!
  10. Juanse2809

    Juanse2809 ASTRO Private

    Can you link what preset did you come up with at this moment for this type of games?
  11. Cup of Dylan

    Cup of Dylan ASTRO Private

    Can somebody help me make a decision here? I am extremely competitive in Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG, which leads me to believe the best setup for my Astro A40 TR + Mixamp Pro is to look towards Zalia's Tournament presets with Dolby enabled. Previously, before stumbling across this forum I was using BeastMode2.0, which was fantastic and I loved it but after trying Tournament I and Tournament II I find these modes more useful than BeastMode2.0. My only problem is, regardless of whether I'm playing PUBG, or R6 for the life of me I cannot distinguish the difference between T1 and T2. Can Zalia or somebody else either just straight up give me a recommendation on which of the two presets are optimal for either/both game? Or even better than that, deeply describe what the differences are between the two modes? I cannot distinguish any difference whether it be gun sound, footsteps, direction, anything. They sound nearly identical to me. I love both of them in these two games, but I can't help but feel like I should be using one over the other in one or both instances. Help!

    P.S. How can I join Zalia's discord?
  12. Cup of Dylan

    Cup of Dylan ASTRO Private

    P.S.S. ZaliaS's description page mentions how T1 and T2 exist because not all games are created in the same frequency and I get that, then he goes on to give PUBG and R6 as an example. Seeing as these are the only two competitive games I play, is he implying that T1 suits R6 and T2 suits PUBG? As I said *above* I am struggling to notice the differences between the two tournament presets as I find them strikingly similar. I'm sure Arcturus is wonderful, but I am highly competitive and want to use the Dolby Surround setting on my Mixamp as opposed to running some of those other presets which almost all have ZaliaS's reccomendation for Dolby disabled. Any light that can be shed would be wonderful.

    As a sidenote, I hope you're doing well overseas, ZaliaS. Stay Safe!
  13. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    I doubt many have read the new October 2018 update for what's in store for the forums, so I'd like to address this to you guys here, as this affects all of us in a very positive manner:

    This is exciting news, as is all forward progress we make into benefiting the community with a better overall experience. I also would like you guys to know that the ZaliaS Collection will be merged over to the new format as soon as the update to the forums happens!

    I'd like to personally thank all of you guys for the awesome support, feedback, and constant positive attitude. Love you guys.

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  14. HITMAN—1

    HITMAN—1 ASTRO Private

    Which is a good present for Astro a 50 wireless to hear footsteps on rainbow six siege
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  15. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    The community here really enjoys Tournament I for Siege. That's definitely a great starter if you want some competitive audio.
  16. srctimber123

    srctimber123 ASTRO Private

    Which of the presets would u recomend i try for Xbox1, A40 TRs? Thx!
  17. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    All of them? Read the description of each preset and attempt to find out what works best for you. If in doubt, go for Arcturus as that is more of an all-around preset with natural clarity.
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  18. Bjurkk_

    Bjurkk_ ASTRO Private

    Hi Zalias,

    I got an Astro a50 Wireless with station base, I play a lot of call of duty and I am looking for a preset voor call of duty black ops 4 (Black out and multiplayer). prefer Dolby 7,1 surround on. and looking for footstep whore and clear sound.
    with my current preset I have the feeling that the gunshot sound and all sound around that is much louder then the rest, so sometimes it feels I can't hear very clear (chaos) and no footsteps.

    i appreciatie all help.

    Kind regards,
  19. HITMAN—1

    HITMAN—1 ASTRO Private

    I’m very curious which one did you go with one or two because I play rainbow six siege also for steps are very important which preset did you use one or two?
  20. Cup of Dylan

    Cup of Dylan ASTRO Private

    It's tough man. I've been using T-II for PUBG and Blackout and it works great, but I've bounced back in forth between T-I and T-II for Siege, I have yet to put my finger on which I truly like best. Let me know if you find which one is best! Everywhere I look I find people suggesting T-I and I find an equal amount suggesting T-II

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