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Creation (PC, PS4, XBOX) ZaliaS Collection [UPDATED - 11/MAY/18]

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by ThatZaliaSGuy, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    *As you all know, I'm still active duty Infantry, and I'm currenly deployed with the U.S. Army, so I'll be signing off here for long while. Any chance I get, I'll pop on here from time to time to try and answer any tech/audio questions you guys have for me, but unfortunately no new presets will be created until I get back. Hope to see you all in early 2019! -Peace.*

    Update Log:

    Log updated monthly. For archived updates, a full update log can be found in the collection.

    [11/MAY/18] Update Notes

    • Arcturus - Centralized mid-high frequencies for better separation along the later curvature. Users stated that the preset was overtly loud, so bandwidth has been normalized and realigned without losing any clarity.
    [09/MAY/18] Update Notes
    • OmniVox - Redistributed audio curve yet again, this time focusing more on mid cues and bass overall. Works surprisingly well with the amplified bass, making explosions and game music a pleasure.
    [04/MAY/18] Update Notes
    • OmniVox - Refined audio curve for greater detail in Mids and mid-Highs. Allows much more detail to be heard within the native audio resolution.
    [03/MAY/18] Subsection Created
    • For Creators - Information bulletin for current and future preset authors; see below Presets Explained.
    Download: (Links provided via Google Drive)

    Simply download here>>: ZaliaS Collection [UPDATE 11/MAY/18] :<<
    The collection includes all the presets, just import them into ACC (Astro Command Center),
    unless you prefer to recreate them yourself from the EQ images.

    As always, love you guys, love the feedback, enjoy!

    EQ Presets Explained: (Click on a preset to see its image)
    • *Arcturus - All around gaming preset. Excellent for Music and Movies. Amazing for competitive stereo gaming (footsteps, ambient ques, character shouts, etc). Designed for Dolby OFF, but can still be used just fine with it (user preference). Why specifically designed for stereo? Because majority of sound design in games are created with their own sound mix, which is tuned specially for the supported sound sources (HI-Fi, Headphones, Stereo, etc). Because of this specific tuning developers use, some game audio quality can actually be reduced when paired with virtualized surround sound (i.e. Dolby, DTS, THX). This preset allows you to enjoy all of your audio content at the best quality possible, just as the developers intended!
    • PureAudio - Universal for music, movies and games for those that enjoy bass.
    • Incendiary - Similar to PureAudio, but more balanced all-around. Great for cinematic/non-competitive gaming.
    • Dystrilation - Focus on clear audio with little bass. Attention to detail in mids and highs, for audio enthusiasts. Designed for Dolby OFF.
    • OmniVox - This is the your universal "sound-whore" or "footstep" preset.
    • *Tournament I & Tournament II - Focus on precise sound space clarity in competitive games. Why two different sets? Because not every games' sound design is recorded and formatted in the same frequency range, so this gives you options to pick which preset better suits the game you are playing (i.e. R6 Siege vs PUBG). Support for a wide range of games. Designed for Dolby ON.
    * = Represents ZaliaS's personal go-to presets

    For Creators:

    I want to help all you other preset authors out as much as possible, as well as properly educate those who are new to the "audio scene" in understanding audio sample rates. Below is an explanation of the industry standard 10-range EQ;


    I hope this helps you guys, and again, always feel free to shoot me a message if you have further questions.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
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  2. Mast3RRBlast3RR

    Mast3RRBlast3RR ASTRO Private

    So tournament v2 is better than v1 right? Or are they different? Because so far this sounds great as hell lol. I love it!!
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  3. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    In my own personal opinion, yes, the new Tournament I is a hell of a lot better than the previous version.
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
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  4. Mast3RRBlast3RR

    Mast3RRBlast3RR ASTRO Private

    Haha ok. Well, if you ever find a way to make it better, be sure to post it!! It can be called "The ultimate tournament" preset haha. Keep it up dude!!!
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  5. Cmdgio420

    Cmdgio420 ASTRO Private

    I used tournament v2 today playing rainbow 6 siege & pubg.. This eq is good.. I was hearing everything so clearly.. Grenades, flashbangs,enemies reloading near u,everything was clear.. I didn't let the enemy break thru the garage door in Chalet (anyone that plays siege will know what I'm talking bout lol).. Pubg was basically the same,explosions sounded good within the game cuz I could hear people shooting while I'm running thru the red zone.. Heard the enemy out my building with ease.. It's like the stock tournament preset but alot better,if that makes sense lol.. All positives that I can think of with this eq.. great work man.. Only issue I have,which I have with all EQs I've tried is alot of sound leaks on my a40s.. My friends can hear everything that's going on my end lol.. tv is muted & everything is connected correctly but I just usually mute my mic & unmute when I gotta say something..
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  6. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    Thank you for the feedback guys.

    As for your issue, Cmdgio420, I recommend setting up a proper noise gate through digital mixing of your microphone source to limit the amount of ambient pickup, but this can really only be done if you are on PC.

    I highly recommend VB Audio Cable and Voicemeeter to handle such a task. If interested, I can write an in-depth instruction on how to set this up, and post my personal settings preset for Voicemeeter.

    My personal setup is a Blue Yeti Black Out as my microphone input with my A40 TR Pro as just an open ear headphone set, both plugged into my Mix Amp TR Pro.

    Click to see - ZaliaS's Setup
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
  7. Asahp

    Asahp ASTRO Private

    Will these settings work for a50s?
  8. Cmdgio420

    Cmdgio420 ASTRO Private

    Dam that's a nice setup .. I don't own a computer tho,I do all my gaming on the Xbox one.. Im able to update my mixamp cuz I use my girls laptop.. Never really got into PC gaming but I heard it's the best way to game lol.. I wish there was a workaround towards this issue but in the meantime ur preset is my favorite atm.. again good work & thanks for responding..
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  9. Mast3RRBlast3RR

    Mast3RRBlast3RR ASTRO Private

    Im using a50 and so far it sounds great to me. Don't know if you can hear footsteps really loud all the time because it depends of the game if it has a lot of environments sound effects and such but it works to me. But like zalia said, using the headset is not primarily using it to sound whore the footsteps. Just to give you an immersion and advantage to the enemy at some cases.
  10. Mast3RRBlast3RR

    Mast3RRBlast3RR ASTRO Private

    So zalias, what does the tournament 2 does now? It's better than tournament 1 v2? Sorry it's that I'm not good to see the difference between one sound and the other lol. I just know if one sounds louder, lower or what not :p. Btw, I'm using incendiary preset and is good at movies also :D
  11. Mast3RRBlast3RR

    Mast3RRBlast3RR ASTRO Private

    And I'm too dumb to understand your tournament 2 description so that's why I'm asking xD
  12. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    Tournament II is just another, optional preset. So depending on the game you are playing, you might want to try both to see which one works better for THAT game.

    It just gives you more options, as not all game sound design is the same.

    By the way, you not understanding the description has nothing to do with whether you are "dumb" or not; that's just what proper English looks like...
  13. XxUnkn0wnxX

    XxUnkn0wnxX ASTRO Private

    2017? u meant 2018?

    also there is no difference in ZaliaS PureAudio I & ZaliaS PureAudio II

    I still have the original and I compared it nothing has changed only the name from
    Name=ZaliaS BassBoost+


    Name=ZaliaS PureAudio+
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
  14. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    Clearly I haven't written this year's date enough, haha. Fixed.

    "also there is no difference in ZaliaS PureAudio I & ZaliaS PureAudio II"

    Ah shit, I overwrote the wrong one... Give me a few mins to rectify.

    EDIT [21:49/GMT -6]: Glad I have the habit of writing my changes down in a notebook I keep on me. PureAudio has now been correctly rectified. I apologize about that guys.
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
  15. Resistance1104

    Resistance1104 ASTRO Private

    I'd love to see the in-depth instruction on the voicemeeter and audio cable setup if you wouldn't mind writing it up.
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  16. FrostTorpid

    FrostTorpid ASTRO Private

    my god the tournament 2 eq is good. i was blown away by how clear gunshots, reloads, footsteps ect were in rainbow six siege and pubg. the sound in my astros were kind of meh for the price point, but this eq made em sound ten times better, actually worth the money now. you're friggin legend dude. thank you.

    could you also be so kind and explain the difference between tournament 2, dystrilation 2 and Pure audio 2 ? gaming wise. in what ways are they different ?

    Thank you SO much for theese EQs, all of them are extremely good.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
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  17. Mast3RRBlast3RR

    Mast3RRBlast3RR ASTRO Private

    So which one of your z-list are best for movies? I know it comes down to preference and what not. Just wondering because I want my friends to use the headset at is full potential for movies and music. I guess my style is like 3D environment sounds of the movies. So what eq preset you recommend for that? Thanks for reading again and sorry if I'm bumping a lot on your thread lol. Just that this presets are so good that I don't know which one is better :D
  18. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    EQ presets explained:
    • PureAudio II - universal for music, movies and games for those that enjoy bass.
    • Incendiary - similar to PureAudio II, but more balanced all-around.
    • Dystrilation II - focus on clear audio with little bass. Attention to detail in mids and highs.
    • Tournament I v2 & II - focus on precise sound space clarity in competitive games. Why two different sets? Because not every games' sound design is recorded and formatted in the same frequency range, so this gives you options to pick which preset better suits the game you are playing (i.e. R6 Siege vs PUBG).
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  19. FrostTorpid

    FrostTorpid ASTRO Private

    Thank you SO much dude!
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  20. Markgrace91

    Markgrace91 ASTRO Private

    I just had to make a account to say



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