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PC - Astro A40 + Mixamp Pro - Optical audio cutting out/stuttering

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by Rumper, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Rumper

    Rumper ASTRO Private


    This will be a long one, so please bear with me.

    I own a pair of A40's and a Mixamp Pro, as well as an older pre 2013 Mixamp. When I connect either of the amps to the optical port on my PC (Asrock Z97 Extreme6 motherboard), the audio starts to cut out/stutter. Each stutter lasts about a second, and occurs every few seconds. It seems to mostly happen in the left earcup, but sometimes affects the right too. It renders the optical audio unusable. I have tested both amps with 2 other PC's and the same problem happens. A friend of mine also owns a Mixamp Pro, and has the same problem. It happens with all types of audio that I play, but seems worse in games, such as Battlefield 1.

    I have Googled this extensively and can see other people with the same issue. I have also researched optical audio problems in general, and there seem to be a couple of potential causes: Interference and/or a weak USB mini cable. I have previously used the Mixamps with my PS4 (which I no longer own) and I can't recall suffering from the same problem.

    I have attempted many fixes that I found online, including: buying new cables; updating the Mixamp firmware; reinstalling PC audio drivers; installing DOLBY Atmos; making sure Windows is up to date etc etc. One potential fix seems to be purchasing the Astro extra thick mini USB cable, but I am loathe to spend more money than I already have, especially when it may not help. The reasoning behind that fix is the supplied cable doesn't supply sufficient power to cope with the audio demand on the PC. Another potential solution is to purchase an expensive braided/shielded optical cable or a PCI soundcard, but again, that's more expenditure with no guarantee of a fix.

    I have contacted Astro support directly and they have been less than helpful. They have basically fobbed me off and reply to all my questions and comments with variations on 'If it works on console then it should work on PC, you must be setting it up wrong', with no actual guidance as to where I could be going wrong. I have shown them many examples of people suffering this issue and issues like it, but they refuse to comment.

    Has anyone on here managed to fix this issue? I have noticed that the newer TR Mixamps have removed the need for an optical connection entirely, which makes me suspect that Astro are aware of issues like this and made the relevant hardware changes. It feels like anyone who's stuck with a Mixamp Pro is basically screwed and Astro don't give two sh*ts. I put this to Astro, but again, they made no comment and referred back to their console statement.

    If anyone can help me, please get in touch. This is driving me mad, and Astro's condescending support agent isn't helping matters.

  2. Gwarh

    Gwarh ASTRO Private

    Did you ever get this issue solved?

    I fear I am in the same boat, just got my A40 TR Headset with it's MixAmp Pro TR, connected it to my PC following the official setup video from the Astro Gaming youtube channel. and my audio is also cutting out every 15 or so seconds for a second or less. Really annoying and frustrating after throwing out my Logitech gaming wireless headset recently for the similar (signal drop) issue.

    I'd love to listen to a song without it cutting out 3 or 4 times. Driving me nuts, especially after the price I paid for these damn things.
  3. Rumper

    Rumper ASTRO Private

    Good news, I did! :D In the end I purchased an external USB 7.1 sound card, ran the Mixamp through that, and it completely fixed the issue.

    There must be a problem with how the mixamp connects to on-board sound cards, something Astro don't seem to want to acknowledge.

    This is the sound card I bought. It's been very useful! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01HM5KP5A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_m62kCbRTEARAJ

    Hopefully that helps!
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  4. Gwarh

    Gwarh ASTRO Private

    Thanks for the reply Rumper, I appreciate it.


    In case anyone comes across this thread with the same problem (like I did) I switched my usb cable from a 3.0USB to a 2.0USB and granted it's only been one day, but after heavy use, no more sound cutouts.

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