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Party Chat using stream port w/ OBS (Astro A40 TR)

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by Jaredivin, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. itzakron

    itzakron ASTRO Private

    I have the same settings u just posted and my stream still cant hear party chat ughh
  2. itzakron

    itzakron ASTRO Private

    also i have the original elgato game capture...it has no 3.55mm jack on it..
  3. andttias

    andttias ASTRO Private

    Mitch help me out with this please lol. I'm in the same situation as the guy that started this forum.
  4. Barz91

    Barz91 ASTRO Private

    Hi there,

    This is an old thread I hope someone can help me too.

    my problem is exactly the same as fellow Jared but due to the Elgato software being newer since 2015 when the post was made I can't figure out which audio settings I need to have in order to get my party chat through to stream.

    Here is a breakdown of my setup and how its all connected.

    I have my Elgato HD60 S connected to my PC
    I use Stream Labs Obs to stream
    I also have a blue yeti connected to pc
    I have my a40's connected properly to ps4
    I have an Aux cable from stream port on mix amp to the HD6S
    On the ps4 I have the settings on digital optical bitstream Dolby and the audio device input and output is both on mixamp

    Now everything works perfectly the stream is working with all overlays and cam and audience can hear my voice, but they still cannot hear my party chat audio even though I have my stream port cable going to the Elgato HD60S

    I have gone into the Elgato and on audio input, it is set to Analogue which I'm sure is correct. The only way my stream can hear my party chat is if I change PS4 output to TV/Amplifier. I feel this is incorrect because soon as I do it their voice echoes and the quality of the game audio drops and I can no longer take advantage of the Dolby button on the mixamp.

    Can you please confirm if these settings are correct and help me get my stream to hear my party chat.
  5. I Got Skill

    I Got Skill ASTRO Private

    Hey mitch im having the same issue but i use the elgato hd60 pro and im using the astro a40s , Can you help me get party chat and game chat to play through my stream in obs ?

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