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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Texas-boy-281, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Ok I have bought these a50 gen 3 for PS4 today and I'm coming from the Sony golds.... the head sets has a nice sound and I have been messing around with the command center all day trying to get the sound right for me I'm not sure where I'm going wrong but I have some friends with the same head set and they say the sound is so loud the have to turn down there headset volume..... but at the same time none of them can tell me what they did to get the headset so loud the best they can tell me is you have to keep messing with it .... I have turned up the volume throw the headset and the game settings and also throw PlayStation settings as well and also I have looked at almost every YouTube video and still haven't achieved the loud sound I'm looking for.... as of now my Sony golds are just as loud as the a50 ..... can someone please help me out and tell me where I'm going wrong these are my first pair of Astros ever????
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    Any one know where I'm going wrong??????
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    im new to this forum but I have a friend who loves his music LOUD...with that said he also does not hear music as loud anymore. So, Im just throwing this out there but maybe your hearing is not the way is use to be. Other then that, try checking if you have the newest update firmware. All else fails, submit a support ticket to astro tech.

    Sorry wish I could be of more help. As for the hearing thing, you really might want to get that checked out, it is possible.
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