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Most anticipated games coming in 2017..

Discussion in 'Upcoming Titles' started by LordMamba, May 23, 2017.

  1. LordMamba

    LordMamba ASTRO Specialist

    With E3 around the corner, which games are you most excited to get your hands on in 2017?

    For me, it's Super Mario Odyssey, Destiny 2, Marvel v. Capcom Infinite, and CoD WW2
  2. Shawn Keenan

    Shawn Keenan ASTRO Private

    Super Mario Odyssey for me too.
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  3. Johnd

    Johnd ASTRO Private

    I was thinking about ea sports hockey 2018. That will all depend if they made the changes I was hoping for.
  4. roga

    roga ASTRO Private

    Super Mario Odyssey;););)
  5. CherylCano

    CherylCano ASTRO Private

    Destiny 2 for me.It's a cool game,the entire experience of destiny is great for me.

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