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MixAmp PRO voice balance problem.

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by ZaCker, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. ZaCker

    ZaCker ASTRO Private

    Hi everyone!

    I can not make the game balance work, when I put the default audio "Astro A40 TR Game" I hear absolutely nothing of the audio, or windows or games, now i have "Headset with microphone" so in Fortnite when I turn down the volume of the voice chat also the game sound turn down . Sometimes my friends hear the sound of my game as well as my voice.

    im lost!
    sorry the google translator english!

  2. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey ZaCker,

    Are you gaming on PC?

    - Mitch
  3. BennyBlades

    BennyBlades ASTRO Private

    Turn your output to headphones from all audio to chat audio. And where its says “output to headphones” it should say “astro mixamp pro” When you have it on all audio all the sound comes out the usb port instead if split between usb for chat and optical for game and you cant mix game and chat volume balance. Also the mixamp can only do stereo in that mode. When you switch it it should make it sound different.

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