Mic cutting out - Slightly dissapointed

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by JasonUK, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. JasonUK

    JasonUK ASTRO Private

    Hi guys

    Got a new A50 Gen 3 and having issues with the mic.

    Firmware is current. Audio is working fine, but the mic is cutting out every few seconds. I did a test on Skype and counted to 20. Mic sound cut out at 9 and then again at 16 so something is not right.

    I also had the issue in a game.

    Any ideas on a fix please? I am having a tinge of buyers remorse right now :(

    Many thanks
  2. Grimsix

    Grimsix ASTRO Private

    I'm not by any means clued up when it comes to the A50's but is the firmware up to date on both the base station and the headset?

    - Grimsix
  3. JasonUK

    JasonUK ASTRO Private

    Yes, and Yes.

    Been playing around with the mic options and may have made some progress. Will report back after more testing tonight
  4. Grimsix

    Grimsix ASTRO Private

    Ah glad to hear you've made some progress with it the joys of technology.

    - Grimsix

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