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Marketing to Business: Bluetooth capability to connect to phone - for work/music

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by TWISTED EKKO, Jun 22, 2018.



    I am a client manager and I have hundred of calls and video meetings every week. Our new office is smaller so we always had issues with noise when in calls/meetings. I got so annoyed I brought in my wireless A50's to plug into my computer. They aren't seen as business-ee so I thought maybe people would react in a negative way.

    They were great! A lot of my clients thought it was cool when they saw them in video meetings and the best part was I couldn't hear anyone else in the office and I could hear the client clearly. Not to mention I had client ask where they could get a pair as they have similar issues.

    So now onto the Bluetooth part. I would love to be able to take the A50's and connect them to my phone for business calls or music in general when I walk away from my desk or need to pace and talk and then switch back to music.

    I think there is a market in the business world for these kind of headphones or at least make a less colorful option with Bluetooth.


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