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Mac or PC Games?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by subwaysurfer, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. subwaysurfer

    subwaysurfer ASTRO Private

    Just want to ask what do you prefer to play mac or pc games and what would you recommend the best game?
  2. Eliotgen

    Eliotgen ASTRO Private

    Kind of none of these :D
    Browser games only. And I'm highly recommending Motorhead Netent. I like to play at from time to time.
  3. Frankis

    Frankis ASTRO Private

    Your link does not work, I also like browser games. However, back to the topic, games for the computer are a better choice. Firstly you have more games available on PC
  4. Edd

    Edd ASTRO Private

    Console games only, leave my PC to my C++ and my Mac to my Pascal
  5. Houston

    Houston ASTRO Private

    Is anyone playing super smash flash 2?
    I like this game and I've been playing for the last six months. Fighters are celebrities. This game was developed by Cleod9. We can play it for free on https://www.freegames66.com/super-smash-flash-2. This solo game can also be played in groups of 4 players
  6. cainwaliski

    cainwaliski ASTRO Private

  7. cainwaliski

    cainwaliski ASTRO Private

  8. roga

    roga ASTRO Private

    Thanks for the useful information
  9. cainwaliski

    cainwaliski ASTRO Private

  10. Rebacca

    Rebacca ASTRO Private

    Can someone help me understand the use of MMORPG Gaming VPN as i couldn't understand why i am getting very low ping when using a VPN. I heard there are some VPN which even protect gamers from DDoS attacks. Is it true? Any help will be appreciated. I read an article on google but that didn't help me much. Just for reference sharing it here. Best Online Gaming VPN
  11. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    I would not use a VPN when gaming. Most VPNs slow down your bandwidth and ping regardless of the VPN. Just rely on your home connection for gaming
  12. pablo987

    pablo987 ASTRO Private

    Always PC.
  13. SoFree

    SoFree ASTRO Private

  14. alicetaylor

    alicetaylor ASTRO Private

    Thanks for sharing the information. It is very useful for my future. keep sharing
  15. johndigger

    johndigger ASTRO Private

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  16. CherylCano

    CherylCano ASTRO Private

    for me its always console games.They have much better clarity and other great deals also.
  17. natratalanatra

    natratalanatra ASTRO Private

    I prefer PC cos I don't have a Mac :))
    If you like PvZ try Defending Camelot, it's just out on Steam

  18. Yousbariegs

    Yousbariegs ASTRO Private

    Yeah, I would rather Mac book game... it's just a matter of choice :)
  19. Zachary Keyser

    Zachary Keyser ASTRO Private

    I always prefer to play PC games.
  20. KarnovPeters4

    KarnovPeters4 ASTRO Private

    I've became very fond of https://muonline.us and as for now the choice for me is pretty obvious - PC games for life. I've forgot how it is ti be exited with online gaming and really enjoying it. You should try as well.

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