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Issues with A40 Mixamp TR Xbox One

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by elcq3797, Mar 16, 2019 at 9:21 AM.

  1. elcq3797

    elcq3797 ASTRO Private

    Hi i'm having issues using my mixamp with my xbox one, I've funnily enough had this issue with another one of the same Mixamp that i thought was faulty, But seems as i've just bought a New one of the same product i'm starting to think there may be a setting i have selected or something basically the problem is whenever i have the headset connected to the mixamp is the volume dial at the top gos anything above the centre (50)

    Then everyone in my xbl party can hear my game audio and it comes through into the party chat?, Obviously i don't really intend to play above 50 volume anyway because it is loud as fook but its just something thats bothering me because i'm not sure if its meant to do this if you have the headset booming at max volume. How can i fix this? Everything is connected properly btw.
  2. elcq3797

    elcq3797 ASTRO Private

    Its almost as though my mic is picking up on the game volume if it is above 50 whilst using the mixamp on XB1, I don't have this issue when not using the mixamp.. and the likelihood of it being a second faulty mixamp (even though i don't even believe the first one was faulty) is extremely unlikely.
  3. elcq3797

    elcq3797 ASTRO Private

    Came up with a sort of breakthrough but i need a little bit of help and advice, I have tried another headset with my Mixamp TR (Corsair HS50) and whacked the master volume on the mixamp full blast and got no echo coming through party, so essentially fixed. So now the problem is either with the inline mute cable or the headset myself, is my theory.

    Which do you reckon it could be?, Should i buy another inline mute cable or an aux cable?
  4. elcq3797

    elcq3797 ASTRO Private

    Still unsure what step i should be taking next. Advice is much appreciated

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