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Is There a Repair Service for My A50's?

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Master Gamer404, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Master Gamer404

    Master Gamer404 ASTRO Private

    I got some Astro A50 wireless Halo Edition headphones as a gift for Christmas of 2015 and they've been serving me well for the past two years. I've been using these headphones as the main audio (headset and mic) for both my Xbox and PC since the Audio Transmitter has multiple inputs that make it such a great device. Right now my current set up is USB power from my PC with an AUX cable for PC Audio but still using the USB for the mic (When using the USB for PC audio I couldn't change the volume through computer controls so I switched to AUX) and an optical audio cable for the Xbox audio. This is all comfortably housed in the stand with a USB cable coming out of the stand for when I charge the headset.

    I've been treating these headphones extremely well. Every time I need to leave my PC or Xbox I turn them off and when I come back I turn them on. I charge them every night for the next morning. I've never done anything to harm them, never put them down too hard, never scratched them, always cared for them. I've had no real issues with the headphones over the years, all that's happened so far were surmountable problems such as, the Xbox mic connection issues, and the volume dial getting a bit weird. The dial was weird as when I tried to increase the volume it instead decreased it by a significant margin, but if I applied pressure to the dial it would work normally.

    The problem that I am coming across recently is that the headphone is experiencing some weird input issues. For one, none of the buttons or dials are working so the headset cannot be turned off. The first time this happened I let the headset die so it could reboot and it worked for a time. Then the second time this happened, I turned on the headset and the indicator light flashed red until solid and then all audio cut out and all the button inputs died.

    Since this button error happened twice I decided to try to get some help looking into the longevity of my headset. Since this is long past the warranty period and I never bothered to register it, I was wondering if Astro offered a service that could help repair the headphones and help me get them registered so I could purchase an extended warranty in case anything else happened down the road.

    I've followed the instruction manual to the letter and cleaned the ear cups from time to time. They were bought after the firmware patch so I assumed they were updated as well. These are fantastic headphones and I don't want to see them become anything more than decor.
  2. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Master Gamer404,

    Our support team may be able to offer or replace the headset for a fee but it comes down to their decision. I can't answer this question properly over the forums as it depends on the problem with the headset and if we can offer any services for you.

    - Mitch
  3. Jenn Lee

    Jenn Lee ASTRO Private

    Hi Mitch,
    My 11-yr-old son got a pair of Astro A50 headphones from his big brother last year and he loved using it for his xbox games. But he told me the other day that the headphone wasn't charging, and I looked at it discovering the charging port seems to have melted from a power shortage of some sort. My son is devastated that the headphone isn't working any more, and I'd like to find a place where I can possibly get it fixed? We live in los angeles. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks so much!

  4. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Jenn,

    I would recommend speaking with our support team about this to see if they can offer any repair or replacement services for you. If you are referring to the USB Mini or Micro port on the headset, this is only 5V and receives around 250mA of power so not enough to cause any physical damage to the port or the headset. What you may find is the headset has been connected to a USB fast charging wall charger such as a Samsung adapter which has forced up to 20V on the headset frying the port. We would recommend in the future making sure the headset is being charged through either the transmitter or a console / computer USB port which will safely charge the headset under USB specifications.

    - Mitch
  5. Ben Brandt

    Ben Brandt ASTRO Private

    Hi Mitch
    Can you please help me out. Recently I had water damage to the battery of my wireless Astro a50s (the ones with the charging stand) and I was wondering if there is a way I could get the battery replaced. I would really appreciate it if you could help because I used my own hard earned money and I was not the one who damaged my headset and my parents won’t take responsibility and help me pay for a new one. Please man this is very important to me.
  6. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hey Ben,

    As I've mentioned above, it's all down to our support team discretion. I can't promise anything over the forums. You can contact our support team through www.astrogaming.com/support

    - Mitch

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