Is it possible to use Astro A50 (2016) PS4 Base Station....

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by rama26285, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. rama26285

    rama26285 ASTRO Private

    Is it possible to use the Astro A50 (2016) PS4 Base Station with the Xbox One to just output audio (not chat)?

    I have the latest Astro A50 PS4 edition and was wanting to connect them to my Xbox One just to output game sound. I was wondering what would happen if I keep the base station plugged into my PS4 via USB for power but have the optical cable plugged into my Xbox One? I presume if I plug the USB cable into the Xbox it would get all sorts of confused.

    Any thoughts? Has anyone tried this? My Xbox is a secondary console that I use mainly for single player games, so have no need to use my headset for chat.
  2. Renzo

    Renzo ASTRO Private

    just connect usb and optical cord to the xbox and you will get game audio the chat function will not work
  3. frivtn100

    frivtn100 ASTRO Private

    There is another way, to be able to have chat function not you

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