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is astro a50 for xbox a good choise ?

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by samuel st-pierre, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. samuel st-pierre

    samuel st-pierre ASTRO Private

    hi i read a lot of post and i was about to buy an astro a50 but with the battery drain and some andio cut that some people have i am just not sure anymore :\ , my second chose would have been the a40tr + mixamp pro but i really want a wireless one like the a50 , anybody had the a50 for a good time now and i would like your opinion on your experience with it , does the a50 is still a good choise ? does you guys having audio cut with it , i will use this headset in a building where their is 17 other wifi so i heard it was really sensitive to that , should i wait for next gen ?
  2. cobratv

    cobratv ASTRO Private

    i bought one and everything is good no problems yet.
  3. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    There does seem to be problems with the A50. However you can get higher audio quality than A50s or A40s with certain headphones. I would reccomend combining the Mixamp Pro TR with some high quality/ reference grade headphones . Like sennhieser game 1s. If you are looking for a more affordable combo. Hyper X Cloud IIs, or HyperX Cloud alphas combined with the Mixamp Pro TR are known to produce a much higher quality audio profile than, A40s or A50s.

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