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If you've been banned, read this!

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by stanimal, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. ASTRO Vertigo

    ASTRO Vertigo Social Media Team Staff Member

    Hi gamesforum,

    You are partially correct. However, we have tried most of the prevention methods and they do not work mainly because they have already been compromised such as RECaptcha etc. However, we do have something we are working on to stop the spam in the future, until then we are manually deleting the accounts one by one. You probably won't see the spam on the forum for that long. I would say an hour max depending on if we are away from the computer.

    - Mitchell
  2. rectina

    rectina ASTRO Private

    They need to clean house
  3. levi

    levi ASTRO Private


    The house is very dirty...
  4. Jokers Fury

    Jokers Fury ASTRO Private

    It's official, ASTRO needs to hire a mod to delete all of this spam and ban the users who are doing crap like this post before me...
  5. ASTRO Refraxion

    ASTRO Refraxion Social Media Team Staff Member

    That's what Vertigo and myself are here for :). Spam has gotten worse over the past year and there are only limited prevention methods beyond us manually deleting the spam
  6. Games

    Games ASTRO Private

    This is an issue I see on almost every forum, I think adding in really hard registration questions along with the CAPTCHA should be enough to keep those spam bots away though.
  7. lanka

    lanka ASTRO Private

    I have got it!
  8. Mr No Nonsense

    Mr No Nonsense ASTRO Private

    I'm not banned but I can't add replies in any other forum. Can a mod fix?
  9. ASTRO Refraxion

    ASTRO Refraxion Social Media Team Staff Member

    You're all set!
  10. Jdragon1

    Jdragon1 ASTRO Private

    Questions about the Astrogaming a38

    So... I was looking to but astrogaming a38 and i was wondering how many feet can i and cant be with the bluetooth headphone.
  11. sophialara

    sophialara ASTRO Private

    hi i m sophiaaa

    hi i m sophia:)
  12. DGThread

    DGThread ASTRO Private

    I noticed there is a lot of spam in the welcome mat section... just sayin. Cant wait for my Astros!
  13. PALADiN

    PALADiN ASTRO Private

    I daresay you need some more moderators that operate in different time zones so that the spam can be cleaned out faster.
  14. jerryredat

    jerryredat ASTRO Private

    I wanted another set and found this forum in the process. I've tried to be helpful with my knowledge and have had a few questions too and everything was going great so i order an a40 wired setup with extras and even paid a bit extra for shipping and then 24 hours later i get on here to find i've been banned

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