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If you've been banned, read this!

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by stanimal, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. stanimal

    stanimal ASTRO Alumni

    Hi ASTRO forum aficionados,

    We unfortunately are subject to an attack of registration bots where we're getting hit with hundreds of new spam accounts each week. All efforts are being done to fix this but in the meantime, we have to take some extreme measures to purge all the spam accounts.

    If you're a legit user that has been banned, it's very likely that it's totally unintentional and we apologize for that. Please email forums@astrogaming.com with your forum username and we'll reinstate you ASAP.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding,

    - ASTRO stanimal
  2. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

    I was wondering when you all were going to clean house. I was seeing weird names like 'vacuum71myhouse', 'more2viagra', etc., etc. The forums were like being overrun. :eek: Nice to know that someone is lookin' out for us forum dwellers. :)

  3. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    yea, trolls are getting better thease days. some try to have actually conversations and claim to own astros!
  4. lordmage

    lordmage ASTRO Private

    acid i think that may have been spam :p

    Followed link for the heck of it

    Srwebsolution has a very resourceful team of experts in Web Services our SEO Company has formed a team of very highly skilled SEO Specialists. We are VERY selective about the SEO clients that we take on. Our job is to perform marketing research, create and maintain Internet resources, plans and implement Internet advertising campaigns, developing web solutions, provide best web design services, and consulting.

    Equals paid spammers. what they are doing is old fascinated Search engine optimization tricks. get your link out there weather it is related or not the more it is seen the higher they go on google and the like but that trick dont work well these days
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
  5. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

    Damn bots, They need to clean house again.
  6. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    *facepalm* whats worse, spam, or a real person who is worse than a spambot?
  7. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

    Have you seen Monty Python's parody about spam? It's hilarious. Has me rollin' every time. :D
  8. Warbladex

    Warbladex ASTRO Alumni

    Spam-a-lot? It's been a show in Vegas for years, but I haven't seen it.

    I always have a place in my heart for the vorpal bunny. 'Tis a mere flesh wound!'

    -ASTRO Warblade
  9. AcIdC0R3

    AcIdC0R3 ASTRO Private

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That's a good one too. Look! you got no arms, you got no legs. HMMM! Tis merely a flesh wound. LOLOLOL
  10. Todaay

    Todaay ASTRO Private

    Consider a Captcha option for making a new account possibly?
  11. Warbladex

    Warbladex ASTRO Alumni

    Captcha's been tried (just as recently as last Thursday) with the same results. I changed the security question to be more gaming related, and they're still getting through. blah.

    -ASTRO Warblade
  12. Todaay

    Todaay ASTRO Private

    daang! how about an email verification in order to fully make an acount?
  13. ASTRO Refraxion

    ASTRO Refraxion Social Media Team Staff Member

    I believe that's been in place since the beginning.
  14. CorporalCornDog

    CorporalCornDog ASTRO Private

  15. rogue status

    rogue status Guest

    What really sucks is what happened to me. I was banned as a spambot and when it was fixed I found that all of my threads/posts had been automatically wiped already. I think yeah its good to be cautious but try just freezing the account pending deletion for this and sending an email to notify the person before just wiping them out. Take myself as an example: ive had a set of astros for a while that my gf bought from you guys through amazon, I wanted another set and found this forum in the process. I've tried to be helpful with my knowledge and have had a few questions too and everything was going great so i order an a40 wired setup with extras and even paid a bit extra for shipping and then 24 hours later i get on here to find i've been banned. now put yourself in that perspective knowing you just paid almost half a grand for gear from a company and before it can even get out of the state their community management bans you and erases your existence, doesnt look good on astro at all does it? I understand more than most the aggravation of spambots and getting hacked but for a tool like this for astro they should have the appropriate countermeasures setup from day 1 because it affects customer opinions and future sales.
  16. Cattleya

    Cattleya ASTRO Private

    Although I agree with you Rogue, but I would rather see them divert all this effort into improving there support department. It is much needed...


    I am not sure if I am banned. I am unable to start new threads and/or reply to forums outside of the "Welcome Mat". Any ideas?
  18. ASTRO Refraxion

    ASTRO Refraxion Social Media Team Staff Member

    Got it sorted for you


    Thank you sir!
  20. gamesforum

    gamesforum ASTRO Private

    Spam like this is done by xrummer and other seo tools banning accounts wont help prevent it as they are designed to be throw away accounts and banning ips wont do anything either as they can have lists of 100 thousands of ips to use, I got prevention ways to deal with spam if a moderator wants to email me i can help you with this forum.

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