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Request Hyper Cloud Alpha Mixamp Pro TR presets

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by Metalix, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

  2. Allykhat

    Allykhat ASTRO Private

    I'm also looking for some EQs for the Alpha. I just upgraded from the Gen 1 clouds to the Alpha and they sound completely different. The EQ I was using on the the Gen 1 sound HORRIBLE on the Alphas (Audiophile V1)
  3. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    Actually if you are talking about this EQ : I’ve actually found it to sound ABSOLUTELY AMAZING with the cloud alphas, but only for music not at all for gaming.
  4. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    Also I seem to not have any of that echoey high reverb sound with my cloud alphas on Dolby on. Is this the same with you?
  5. Flashi

    Flashi ASTRO Private

    I have a Mixamp Pro TR + HyperX Cloud 2 and use it on the PS4 Pro. I'm looking for an EQ for Rainbow Six Siege.
  6. RahimL

    RahimL ASTRO Private

    Find any EQs for the cloud alphas yet?

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