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Hi! New to the ASTRO brand.......

Discussion in 'ASTRO Nexus' started by DeeGee68, May 26, 2017.

  1. DeeGee68

    DeeGee68 ASTRO Private

    Hi ALL,

    I am new to the ASTRO brand as have been using Turtle Beach (XP7 and 800X) for both my XBOX ONE S and Playstation 4 Pro. I have been looking for a new headset and was pointed in the direction of the ASTRO brand in order to try something new. I like the A50 Gen 3 but am a little concerned with some of the reviews on YouTube regarding the Bluetooth connection and the mic?

    My main prerequisite is comfort and excellent sound quality. I like the look of the A50's but to me it is more than just the look as they need to deliver. As users I am hoping some of you may have moved from my headsets above to the A50's and can give me first hand information about your experiences with them. Furthermore, I believe the ASTRO A40 TR (I believe are recommended over the new A50's?)

    Thanks for any help/advice with the above.


  2. LordMamba

    LordMamba ASTRO Specialist

    Hi David,

    I believe the mic issue was resolved in a firmware update for the A50's which could explain some of the negative reviews. In terms of sound quality and comfort, you definitely came to the right place. I've tried numerous other headsets, Turtle beach elite pro, razer chroma, ect. and Astro is far and away the most comfortable and sound quality is second to none.

    Speaking of the A40 TR, it plugs into an external mixamp which gives you all your audio options in terms of chat volume, game volume and EQ pre-set settings for gaming, watching movies ect. The A50's mixamp is essentially in the headset which gives it a slightly added weight behind it but it's nothing noticeable. If you play games like Call of Duty or Halo and need to hear footsteps in game there is no headset better IMO, especially that you can adjust and tune the audio on the fly using the mixamp. Also, the way the chat volume mixes with game volume is exceptional in terms of keeping you immersed in your game but also having a quality chat sound as well.

    I personally would recommend the A40's over the A50's but that's mainly due to the fact I play at a desk 5ft from my monitors so having wireless wouldn't make much of a difference + I'm a fan of having the mixamp on my desk to tune it instead of on the ear. If you play games from a couch further away from your console than the A50's would be more your route.

    The setup of the headsets are really simple, just make sure you plug them into a PC or Mac off the bat to make sure the drivers are updated.

    The one issue you'll run into by being both a PS4 and Xbox One owner is chatting. The mixamps are designed for PS4 + PC OR Xbox One + PC not PS4 + Xbox. However this will only affect you if you plan on chatting on both. If you do a majority of multiplayer games on say, Xbox and just play PS4 for single player games than you can still get game audio on PS4 but no chat or vise versa. (If this last part is confusing I can explain more in a separate post)

    One last part: Comparing to other headsets, at least in my experience, Astro's were the first model that I could wear on my head for longer than a few hours without being irritated. They are durable and feel light on your head. They don't have that cheap plastic type of feel that a headset like Razer offers.
  3. Bombsquad07

    Bombsquad07 ASTRO Private

    I’ve got A40tr x and not comfortable at all, I even purchased mod kit and not much better. Sounds good and looks great to, but not comfy. Will end up returning if I can’t break them in. Wanted to purchase mixamp for better sound but to expensive to invest this much if I can’t wear for hours at a time for gaming.

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