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Gaming monitor

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by HULK, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    lunatiik is usually on most of the afternoon, im usually on in the evening, and acid usually gets on after i go to sleep(i dont sleep for long). alpha kinda trolls around whenever he feels like it lol. we try to be here as much as we can for you guys.
  2. Its_Lips

    Its_Lips ASTRO Private

    HAHAHAHA Alpha trolls around when he feels like it. I Lol'd.
  3. SocksWthSandals

    SocksWthSandals ASTRO Community Leader

    so i tried inviting you last night after i had to restart my xbox, but every time each one of us was in a game
  4. Its_Lips

    Its_Lips ASTRO Private

    Seriously we had a great game of invite tag going.
  5. marpla

    marpla ASTRO Private

    Ok...actually i hate a little bit :D:D:D:D (joking)
  6. HULK

    HULK ASTRO Private

    hahahahaha you guy's are funny Alpha trolls around when he feels like it
  7. MichaelJohnson

    MichaelJohnson ASTRO Private

    I think Asus is the best gaming monitor for xbox 360. I also have Asus monitor to play my favorite games. It gives me undoubtedly best and amazing gaming experience.
  8. Gamingbuff

    Gamingbuff ASTRO Private

    Hello guys! I am Alice gaming lover. I really like to play gaming on my ASUS ROG SWIFT gaming monitor and I suggest you that should try it atleast once because It gives best performance any other monitor.
  9. Gamingbuff

    Gamingbuff ASTRO Private

    According to me, BenQ and Viewsonic are the best gaming monitors for xbox360.
  10. roga

    roga ASTRO Private

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