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Creation Fusion EQ 5.0 - THE ULTIMATE Preset for A40/A50

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by Daredevil792, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. arthur klucznik

    arthur klucznik ASTRO Private

    You have to change your headphone output from all audio to chat only. At the moment you are getting sound down the USB port as well as optical.

    You are getting the 2.0 stereo along with chat from the usb as well as the 5.1 over optical. And no, 2.0 stereo and 5.1 Dolby does not add up to 7.1. The mixamp/ base station unmixes the 5.1 to 7.1 already.

    If you like the sound you getting from both inputs simultaneously, then there is nothing wrong with it.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018
  2. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    I don’t know where you got your information about this from but i had it on chat audio all the time like the official astro staff said... and it’s by far not as good as my current setup ! Im sacrificing a bit of audio quality yes... but the sound is STILL pretty pretty good + the directional sound with ALL AUDIO is MUCH better than with Chat Audio cause it opens up the sound range and that means directional sound is way better hearable ! My settings work to 100% !
  3. arthur klucznik

    arthur klucznik ASTRO Private

    Enjoy your settings
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  4. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    This Preset is Universal and modkit should be ok as it is intended to put the headset to its full potential and proper frequency standards.
  5. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    Dolby or mod kit should have no affect on the preset.
    I have used dolby off for music and its still awesome bit i dont have a mod kit.
  6. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    Thank you everyone for your support and your comments this means alot to me ❤️
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  7. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    I don’t have a PS4 so I am not completely familiar with these settings, but he is right 2.0 and 5.1 doesn’t combine to 7.1. Whatever settings you are using should be configured so the Optical audio format is is bitstream Out and bitstream format should be Dolby digital. And it should be configured in a way that the Chat audio is 2.0 stereo and the game audio is 7.1 surround (when the surround button is pressed). I don’t know how to set it this way on PS4 because I don’t own one, but this is the correct way the audio should be configured
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  8. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    Well my optical audio format is bitstream (dolby) but instead of using chat audio im using all audio. That makes the sound less loud for me but it widens up the sound range so i can pin point enemies WAY better than with Chat Audio ! And if i use all audio i can turn the small knob on the mixamp all to the right ( voice chat ) but that will now cause of my setup NOT increase party chat loudness but instead increases game sound ! Then again i have the setting ( audio mix ) to prefer NON game sound which makes the loudness and directional sound way better aswell and to be able to hear the party chat quite good i have this other specific setting “Chat Audio” set to prioritize Party Chat so i can hear the party chat really good !

    All i can say is.... it seems like my setup is a bit fucked up and doesnt make sense lol BUT you can trust me when i say it is the BEST setting i ever had and i tried many presets and ps4 settings but as strange as this 1 here is... its working like no other preset before.
  9. OC40

    OC40 ASTRO Specialist

    Grazie, mate. I’ll test it this weekend.
  10. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    With a very small change lol?

    You went from -3 to +5 on the 4th bar... thats not a very small change lmao.

    I really don’t know why you had to change it to +5 to make it “sound good” on xbox....

    Btw... daredevil said he kept it on +1 to +2 for dynamic effects on the 1st bar... im using it with +2 and i like the lil bit more bass on bo4 and even on cod mwr... im using +2 +3 +3 -3 -2

    I know that increasing the 4th bar will increase mids/high mids and thus resulting in better footsteps.. i was using a higher stat like that before on vertex v2 from metalix but somehow i dont have to change anything besides a bit of more bass with this preset and as strange and low this fusion 5.0 preset looks... it is working perfectly for me and i hear enemies really great and as good as before with vertex v2 or even better i’d say.... i don’t know why it sounds that bad on xbox??

    Maybe cause i use the mixamp on my a40s and got it cranked up to 100% allows me to be able to still hear enemies as good as with -3....and perhaps with the a50s and no mixamp it is more quiet and therefore you have to go to +5 to make it sound good cause it cant be as loud as the a40s 100%.... idk... just speculation... maybe this is complete bs....

    I just know that my mate who got the a50s... is having a more quiet sound even cranked up to the max than me with the a40s cranked up.

    I mean i just want to understand why there is a difference between ps4 and xbox when it comes to astro sound.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  11. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    Hi everyone i am glad some are enjoying the preset and i am thinking of doing some variations to this one over the next few weeks and to be released the latest of December 2018.

    I will be taking every comment into consideration to make it good for everyone because now i have a good baseline for the frequencies i can work on doing footstep presets and bass ones for music/movies.
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  12. BozZsh1fty

    BozZsh1fty ASTRO Specialist

    Well, on Black Ops 4 PS4 with your current preset i can hear everything as clear as never before !
    Even on Modern Warfare Remastered i can hear Footsteps as clear as never before !

    So for me personally i can not imagine that any other preset will be better than your current 1... even tho it is NOT specifically tuned for footstep soundwhoring... it really works as exactly that for me !

    I know where enemies come from ( EXACT location, exact numbers on the compass from a far distance ) and that’s all that matters but i will still check what you come up with.
  13. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    Update on the Ultimate 5.0 EQ Preset - Next one is called 5.1 which is a updated and improved version of 5.0.
    It has more bass because some said it could use some oomph for cinematic effect and i kept all the other frequencies in check and i will release it next weekend on 13th/14th October.
    thank you all for using my preset it means alot and i do this so others can enjoy the headset the way i think it should sound.
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  14. Zeitoune

    Zeitoune ASTRO Private

    Hello Daredevil, I am using some good presets for rainbow six siege Destiny 2 and fortnite on ps4 but the same presets on my laptop sound differents (I cant use the optic cable on my laptop so I think the usb change the quality of the sound). I'm gonna try your preset for Rainbow six siege on pc but do you think it's okay ? Or I really need to buy something to use the optic cable ?
  15. Zeitoune

    Zeitoune ASTRO Private

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  16. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    Hi i also use these presets for my laptop when doing music stuff for my YouTube channel and some steam games.
    I made this intended for surround sound and Stereo as i think if you make it sound right it can sound good on both
  17. Daredevil792

    Daredevil792 ASTRO Specialist

    After a quick look at your presets so far i have one question are you aware of what the ( Bandwidth) section does because i do a few months ago.
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  18. HITMAN—1

    HITMAN—1 ASTRO Private

    Which preset is good for rainbow six siege for footsteps ?
  19. HITMAN—1

    HITMAN—1 ASTRO Private

    Good morning which one of these presets are very good for rainbow six siege to hear footsteps?
  20. Juanse2809

    Juanse2809 ASTRO Private

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