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  1. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    Fornite players please search in the forums " PROJECTSCARLETT" is all you need to play fornite.

    Some friends tell me they need a fornite EQ.. well here it is. Enjoy... fornite plus : detail on weapon shots. crafting and good quality sound overall

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  2. lilstone87

    lilstone87 ASTRO Private

    Thanks for this Luizk. I plan to test this out later today. I have been looking for a present for this game, as I enjoy playing it on PS4. However I'm not a big fan of how everything sounds on this game for me. Because whenever building, or collecting materials with your pick axe, it's overly loud. Making it rather difficult to hear a enemy run up on you, while doing it. So I want a more balanced sound that makes hearing footsteps more clearly, not some very low afterthought of a sound. Which I feel is how the game is for me currently when doing the two things I mentioned above.
  3. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    To be honest i focus on footsteps but this game.. this particular game the sound is crazy the footsteps only sound about 10 yards from you.. i try everything :(
  4. Future91

    Future91 ASTRO Private

    Ok I like everything but one thing Idk if its the game or the preset but i have such a hard time hearing boxes unless im right on them Like I can be in the house and hardly hear the boxes. other than that its perfect
  5. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    to hearing the treasures you have to be close like 2 meters or something.. ,is a fornite thing.. if you play on pc you can use EQ on your pc audio settings or custom software with Dymamic frecuency hz to hear them far away. but on console the mixamp can´t do that.. :)
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  6. Strats

    Strats ASTRO Private

    im on pc how do you the thing you are talking about
  7. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    Sure watch this
  8. Future91

    Future91 ASTRO Private

    Oh ok ok thank you very much <3
  9. Wavesta

    Wavesta ASTRO Private

    Is this fortnite EQ with or without dolby 7.1? Or does it not matter? I just can’t use 7.1 on this tr mixamp it’s just awful. Also, I really like your work and would like to ask if you could make EQ presets focused for not having the dolby 7.1 on. If it’s to much to ask dw ab it. Thank you!
  10. Wavesta

    Wavesta ASTRO Private

    I really like this EQ. Was trying to find one that when I axe stuff down its not blasting in my hears and this just does it right. The treasures are annoying but I just look in the direction adn what ever sounds louder I break down. Although, I don’t use dolby 7.1 so if you could make one just like this for 5.1 that would be great. Thank you!
  11. Wavesta

    Wavesta ASTRO Private

    Also im using 2.0 not sure which one you recommend.
  12. YoungTrish

    YoungTrish ASTRO Private

    Hey, thanks for the presets. I had a quick question, I am fairly new to Astro products and was just getting into changing EQ's. I was wondering if you briefly summarise the main differences between the two presets which you have created.

    Also, do you have a preference for one and, if so, why? I am interested in hearing footsteps more as opposed to all the loud sounds in Fortnite that come when you break/build stuff.

  13. Freddie Williams

    Freddie Williams ASTRO Private

    Any differences in the two?
  14. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    In the first 2 the chest are more louder but same distance.. but the overall sounds and gunfire are not so good. The plus is the best for me overall for fornite quality gun shots wood craft etc
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  15. joshuamanjaro

    joshuamanjaro ASTRO Private

    i know we can just copy the picture but do you have a file i can just download?
  16. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    You can just copy the EQ on the picture and save that as a file.
  17. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

    Please search in the forum xbox ps4 eq. The eq name "Quality eq" im using that to play fornite.
  18. Shortygang

    Shortygang ASTRO Private

    Where do you find the Quality eq? i'm new here so I don't know how to find it...
  19. Luizk

    Luizk ASTRO Private

  20. manya_porsiempre

    manya_porsiempre ASTRO Private

    Hola buenas necesito ayuda para una configuración de los Astros a50 de 3 generación que se escuche bien el juego y las voces de mis compañeros. Gracias
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