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Creation Ether Collection- Quality presets for all needs- (UPDATED SEP/11/2018)

Discussion in 'MixAmp Pro TR Custom EQ Presets' started by Metalix, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. manya_porsiempre

    manya_porsiempre ASTRO Private

    Heey i need EQ for Fornite PS4 can you help me? ty :)
  2. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    Ethereal core and ember
  3. Birdyist

    Birdyist ASTRO Private

    You don’t prefer vertex?
  4. Zeerium

    Zeerium ASTRO Private

    Metalix you should make a preset for Fortnite that focuses on footsteps and building sounds but cuts out gunshots a bit so you can hear the more essential sounds. And make it a clear preset with little bass. I know that's alot but I would really appreciate it if you could try :)
  5. Zeerium

    Zeerium ASTRO Private

    I also don't really care about immersion that much
  6. Zeerium

    Zeerium ASTRO Private

    Quality doesn't matter
  7. ThatZaliaSGuy

    ThatZaliaSGuy ASTRO Specialist

    Correct yourself. This whole reason this forum exists is for quality tuning. A good "sound-whore" preset (as you guys like to call it) doesn't need to sacrifice much audio to heighten the range that footsteps and ambient sound lives in.
  8. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    What you described is litterally ember. I've been using it with fortnite for a few months now and it does exactly what you described.
    Yes, I prefer ember because it is a bit more light sounding and doesnt amplify sounds a lot like vertex does. Think of vertex as an amplifier eq. When everything goes wrong, you cant hear any players, you keep dying etc. Thats when you turn on Vertex.
  9. DiEoNiT

    DiEoNiT ASTRO Private

    hi im trying out your ember and vertex v2. so on xbox should i have dolby atmos On using hdmi or use stereo uncompressed ?
  10. Deplorable

    Deplorable ASTRO Private

    There is no HDMI for Astro. Sound will be directed through the mixamp which is 7.1 then you will need to decide so you want stereo or dolby. If you use atmost then stereo which means turn dolby off on the mixamp or basestation.
  11. Lucy

    Lucy ASTRO Private

    I just wanted to thank all you first.
    I ♡ this site. I skim through everything posted on this thread and I was just curious what is the best EQ for OverWatch on the PS4. I'm a healer/tank main so I kind of need to focus on the footsteps a lot more but I don't know if the footsteps for this game it's different than pubg or rainbow or fortnight.

    Any advice for help. :)
  12. Technllcs

    Technllcs ASTRO Private

    Hello, I’m enjoying your presets, but I have a question, I some what understand the center frequency and level options, but how do you calculate the bandwidth for what ever frequency and level option you decide to use?
  13. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    I usually set a higher bandwidth (1.9- 2.4) for mid to high frequencies. Or frequencies that just need to be highlighted. And a lower bandwidth 1.5- 1.9 for frequencies that dont really need to be highlighed. Its better to not go over 2.0 if you want a more natural sound
    Technllcs likes this.
  14. Technllcs

    Technllcs ASTRO Private

    Thanks for the reply :)
    So if I decide to create my own mix no matter what frequencies I select I should keep the bandwidth at 2.0 ?
  15. Technllcs

    Technllcs ASTRO Private

    One last thing what do you mean by when you say frequencies that need to be and don’t need to be Highlighted?
    Thanks again
  16. xKalashu

    xKalashu ASTRO Private

    a good one for cs go ?
  17. imfastman

    imfastman ASTRO Private

    Hey again! I'm the guy from the Cloud 2-like EQ preset and I am currently using your Ethereal Core V3 preset for my FPS games and general use. While it isn't exactly like my Cloud 2s, it's different, and I actually like it. I haven't tried the preset with racing games yet, but what would you recommend for racing games? Thanks :)
  18. Metalix

    Metalix ASTRO Specialist

    Depends on the game honestly. If you like a bit of bass then RainV2 should be good. If you want more clearer emphasized engine sound then ECV3 would be perfect for that. Ethereal Core V3 is the most balanced of all presets in the collection. Its a go-to for me.
  19. Cold_pizza942

    Cold_pizza942 ASTRO Private

    For some reason the second box won't go above 800 on my mixamps advanced settings :/
  20. Cold_pizza942

    Cold_pizza942 ASTRO Private

    780 Hz actually :(

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